• I’ve been trying to make the German army more… uh… “blitzkreigish” lately. For an army that was supposed to have struck like lightening, they sure do crawl across the battlefield. Their tanks are slow and their infantry are slow. They have no Jeeps, no Inspiring Lts. and oddly enough that have no paratroopers (fallschirmjaeger). But they do have halftracks and they do have Panzergrenadiers and SS Panzergrenadiers, who historically hit the battlefield in said halftracks quite often.

    My problem lies in the cost for a halftrack. It’s 22 points. Yes it’s a balanced cost for what it can do, but fielding 5 or 6 gets WAY too expensive. Using 5 is 110 points! Even using a mere 3 is a nasty hit to your point total, especially since they’re transports.

    So I had an idea, and I wanted to get feedback from some people. I was thinking of actually removing the fighting platform ability that the vehicle has. Yea, I know it’s a good ability, but troops usually dismounted from them once combat started. Then the halftracks would move away from the frontline until the Panzergrenadiers needed to move again. So the Fighting Platform, though nice, doesn’t really fit the use the Halftracks had (I’m talking about the base transport ones, not the combat variants).

    If I remove that ability, do you think that 10 points is a fair point cost for it? It’s better than the Jeep since it can actually shoot if it has to, but it’s still a pushover unit: hit it was a tank and watch it go boom.

    Any opinions about it? Corrections? Ideas?


  • I don’t know where I got my numbers from, but they’re 14 pts. Jeeps are for. See kids, this is why you don’t post numbers at 4am when insomnia strikes. Anyway, besides the point totals, the idea remains the same. But instead knock the halftracks down to 7 if you remove “Fighting Platform”.

    I think 7 is reasonable for a vehicle that’s mainly a transport that you’re going to send to the rear once the bullets start flying… but can shoot if it gets cornered. All of this stuff applies to the American halftrack as well.


  • thats an interesting idea GRIM.  the axis are really hurting not having something cheap that can transport.  As for that matter not having any decent vehicles or tanks that can transport really sucks.

  • What the Germans need, especially for early war (read: Polish and French campaigns) is an OPEL truck.  No fighting platform, no attack value, just a 3-4 point truck that gets their units to the melee quicker.

  • Personally I think that ALL of the countries need their transport trucks! And they should be able to tow artillery too! But that’s wishful thinking…


  • I completely agree that lack of transport units creates some real logistical and realism problems with the game.  I’ve been considering creating 2 1/2 ton trucks for the Americans & Opel Blitz trucks for the Germans.  They would just be regular “soft” vehicle units.  Similar in movement to a jeep, but would be a little more expensive and could carry 2 infantry units.  They would also be able to tow field guns using other rules I’ve created for that (www.aaminis3d.com)

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