• From Avalon Hill FAQ

    Wehrmacht Expert Sniper says,
    “Crack Shot — This unit gets +1 on each attack die.
    Superior Camouflage — While this unit has cover, enemy units can’t attack this unit at medium or long range.
    Headshot — Once per game, instead of attacking a Vehicle, you may roll six attack dice. If you roll three or more successes, put a face-up Disrupted counter on that Vehicle. This counter isn’t removed at the beginning of the next casualty phase.”

    Q: Does the Crack Shot ability apply to Headshot?
    A: Yes. The Crack Shot ability modifies attack dice, so the Wehrmacht Expert Sniper rolls successes on a 3 or higher.

    Q: Does “have cover” mean that the Sniper has to succeed at a cover roll to get the Superior Camouflage ability?
    A: No. A unit “has cover” just by being in hex filled with defensive terrain. This means that a Sniper with Superior Camouflage can’t be attacked directly at medium or long range while it’s in a forest, hill, marsh, or town hex.

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