• Panzerwerfer 42 maultier  -mobile rocket launcher
    Volkswagen Type.82.Kfz.1. -command transport
    Opel Blitz Truck
    Sd.kfz.7 flak halftrack
    Stukka -Germany
    Heinkel He 115 -Germany
    Arado Ar 196 -Germany
    P-51 -US
    C.202 Folgore -Italy
    F-40 Corsair -US
    11-2 Stumoviks  -US
    Me 109 - Germany
    Submarine Spitfire VII -UK
    Mitsubishi Zero A6M5 Rei-Sen  -Japan
    B-17 Flying Fortress -US
    B-24 Liberator -US
    P-47 Thunderbolt  -US
    Curtiss P-40  -US
    Me 262A Schwalbe  -US

    All of the units above are some of the best planes used in WW2. I hope tosee some of these units and am certain that some will appear. Let me know what you think. PEACE

  • My wishlist’s top has the Bofors and the Flak 8.8 hanging out. Flak 8.8… as is the tiger wasn’t nasty enough on it’s own versus tanks, now the Germans’ll have these bad boys. Mmmm. And the Bofors just look cool to me.


  • Omg i called it, the stuka is one of the first pieces to be previewed and then there is the luftwaffe infantrymen. They dont show the stats but the first link shows the stat cards and the second shows the actual piece. Check em out, they are tight. PEACE



  • Stuka… so hot… want to… touch…



  • http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=ah/article/ah20060208c

    Hey here is the second set and its nice to see the new german tank which i have a feeling i know what it is. Im figuring that the second tank on the left is russian, just by its bulky stonage look. PEACE

  • Is that a Sturmgeshultz or whatever it was called? StuH model, not StuG… the one with the howitzer. ARGH! I don’t remember correctly I don’t think.


  • Yeah, now that u mention it. I wanna see the stats. Damn. PEACE

  • That may very well be a StuH, it’s definately a PzIII chassis with a 75mm assault gun.  The Soviet assault gun on the right is the Su-122. . Deployed in 1943, it should have fairly weak anti-armor capability, but the 122mm howitzer is good at close range.  A lot of these were actually captured and used by the Germans, which would be neat if there was a set of captured vehicle cards ever produced.

    As for my wish list:
    88mm Flak 18 - an air defense and anti-tank combo that would be deadly.  Besides, it’s one of the more famous towed pieces.
    Martin B-26 Marauder;
    North American B-25A Mitchell - just because the models themselves would look great.
    Finnish Forces - mainly because I painted a Finnish Brewster Buffalo mini for the Red Sun/Blue Sky series.

  • I wanna see some french resistance. Even though i hate the french they would be kinda cool (yeah for molitovs!!!). Thats a good idea, the whole captured units idea. Kinda like the dutch indies campaign, where the humber scout car gets captured. Man i cant wait. PEACE

  • Some Canadian stuff
    -the Kangaroo
    -the Sexton

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