Rule question: Movement and positioning of vehicles

  • I just am curious on positioning of vehicles within the hex.  If you decide to change directions on your move, lets say head toward the hex that your vehicle’s rear was looking at. does it count as 1 move or is it free?  also when you end up in the hex that you want stay in, and you decide to rotate your tank so its facing a better direction than the way it came into the hex, is that considered 1 move, or is that just something you get to decide when you are finished moving?


  • Changing facing doesn’t take up movement “points.”  When you get to your destination hex, you can face whichever hex side you wish.  And instead of moving to another hex, you can change facing within the same hex.

    However, if you are face-up disrupted, you cannot change facing, because you cannot move.  And if defensive fire or a failed movement roll stops your movement, you must stop facing the hex you tried to enter.

    For the exact rules wording, go to the Avalon Hill webpage and download the rules.

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