• I’ve been toying with the idea of introducing soft cover and hard cover as game concepts for A&AM, and I’m looking for some feedback or ideas (and hopefully others might try it and tell me how it worked for them). Yes, they’re based on gross oversimplifications, but the whole game is based on such, so I don’t see this as a problem.

    Soft Cover: Forests - Cover Rolls have a -1 to them, meaning that Soldiers have a 5+ cover save, and vehicles need a 6.

    Hard Cover: Towns, Hills -  Normal cover rolls as per the rulebook.

    Erm. Yea, I’ll explain more in a bit. I have to log offline ASAP. But I see this as being a bit more realistic and tactical without overcomplicating things. I might give the standard infantry of each nation a “foxhole” ability one of these years too, one that allows them to treat soft cover as hard cover if they didn’t move in the movement phase that turn. I dunno yet.


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