Axis & Allies Toolkit, or … I created another odds calculator but I think it's

    • Full ruleset support. The A&A Toolkit calculator fully supports the complete ruleset for the current generation of Axis and Allies (1941, 1942 2nd Ed., and 1940 2nd Ed.). Including all special combat rules.

      • Combined Arms (Infantry + Artillery and Tactical Bomber + Tank or Fighter)

      • Offshore Bombardment

      • Submarine Surprise Attack

      • Sub / Destroyer / Aircraft Relationship

      • Capital Ship Damage

      • Anti-Air Artillery

      • Kamikaze

      • R&D

    • Fast simulation time. Returns a summary of 1000 simulations (usually in under 1 second).

    • Saved conflicts. Send a conflict to your teammate for review or further tweaking.

    • Mobile Friendly. Getting conflict odds on your phone is easier than ever.

    • Customize order of loss by reserving units to be taken last.

  • 2019 2017 '16

    Awesome! The calculator on A& has limitations as you point out. The Triple-A one doesn’t give info like the one and two standard deviation results.

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