Many questions that need answers from a newbie to A&A

  • First off, there are many questions in this post that may seem idiotic, common sense or just eye rolling. I haven’t played A&A for very long but I love these strategy games with a war theme around them. Risk was one of my favorite games of all time and I’ve played every edition out there. One Christmas I got this game by my grandfather. I hadn’t touched it in years. I finally opened it and it immediately fascinated me. I want to get into this series as much as possible because it looks fun as hell. I tried playing the game with 2 of my friends one day and we spent most of the time reading the rule book rather than playing the game. It didn’t feel very fun and just seemed messy at first try.
    I had bought the 1941 version because I heard it was the easiest edition for rookies to learn from. However, I dislike the pieces and the board layout of this edition and felt it would be easier to just stick with spring 1942. I have read the rulebook thoroughly (more than once) but still seem to be hopelessly comfused on some aspects of gameplay.  Here are some questions I that came up on my solo game:

    1. Can Infantry, Tanks and Artillery attack fighters and bombers? Ok, probably a no brainer but here are a couple of scenarios where it wasn’t clear.
              a. My forces attacks a an opposing force. 3 fighters 2 tanks 1 infantry on either side. Can.      infantry and tanks attack the fighters or is it only fighter v fighter? If not, let’s say one force loses all ground troops, can the fighters without ground troops retreat to a friendly territory, or rather are they supposed to? If not, then can ground forces that survive assist their fighters in combat or are they cannon fodder at that point?
              b. A fighter is landed in a territory all by itself, my tanks attack that territory. Is there combat or does that fighter simply have to retreat?

    2. If there are enemy ships on the tiles where I can deploy ships, am I prevented from creating ships?

    3. If I use 5 bombers to attack a territory with only 1 AA gun, does that gun roll for each bomber or just once for itself.

    4. If I use bombers to attack any territory without fighters, bombers or AA guns for themselves, can ground units fightback?

    5. When doing bombardments with cruisers or battleships, is it only on amphibious assaults or can you be an ass and bombard someone just because?

    6. When attacking with a large amount of units. Let’s say I have 10 tanks and my opponent has 8.
      Round one would consist of me rolling my 5 dice 2 times and him rolling 5 die and then 3. We then count how many casualties we have and then begin round 2. Is that the correct way to proceed? Also, if a tank has 2 movement, does that limit them to only 2 rounds of fighting or do round not matter in the movements at all. Is there a limit to how many rounds you can fight? Can an attacker retreat? Let’s say you have 2 infantry, 2 artillery and 2 tanks. If I roll, do I have to say who I am rolling for? For example, I roll 5 die and they come up with these numbers: 3,2,2,5,3. Obviously, if I just roll them blindly I would get 4 hits. But if I had to call out which unit I was rolling for, I’d only get 2 hits minimum.

    7. When as a defender, if I have a territory within range for a bomber to support, can use him? And is it his defense value or his attack?

    8. Can bombers land on carriers?

    That seems like all I have for now. If anyone could answer this questions as best as they could, that would be golden. I want to eventually get Global at some point but if I can’t understand this game than that is way out of my league.

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    welcome Painkiller

    Yes all units do battle. Only the attacker can retreat and only after at least one rd of combat. All attacking units must retreat to the same TT and that TT must be one where at least one unit came from. May only retreat one space from battle.

    There is combat

    No. The enemy ships have the option of moving or staying for battle on their turn.

    Not sure. You either get 1 AA shot per plane (regardless of the number of AA guns) or 1 shot per plane up to 3 plane per AAgun. Not sure which rules 42 uses


    only on amphibious assaults

    correct. Movement doesn’t effect #of combat RDs. No limit to RDs. Yes attacker can retreat. You have to say who you’re rolling for

    No and no

    You guys are gonna have a blast :)

  • Thank you soooo much. You have no idea how frustrating that has been. I’m sure more problems will come up but you have made this game 10x easier to play now. Thank you again.

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