• Just got the new AA42 for xmas its, its awsome!  Just a question.

    I’ve been reading posts and strategy ideas here on the forum which is great!, im just curious as to why no one mentions victory conditions.
    I love the new ruleset to this game and its clear what defines victory.  It seems like positioning your armies and attacks around these Victory cities is the idea whether Standard or Total.  I havent seen any posts regarding this part of the game.

    Im new here as you can see, and maybe im just missing it …

    Do most of you guys play with a Standard Victory, a Total Victory, or some other agreed upon victory?

    Thanks for any replies, this is such a great game! Again, I think the new ruleset and map makes the most sence so far, to me anyways. :)

  • I played once with a total victory option and for my brother (who was playing as the allies) it became overly frustrating. I took out Russia and the UK so with the oncoming mass invasion into the United States and the silly amount of moneys I got each turn the fun value simply wasn’t there. The many other times I have played the standard victory it has been much more entertaining.

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    Standard. Always. Total Victory just takes too long and besides, the losing faction normally concedes well before the end anyway, in my experience.

  • Total victory is totally pointless. Once you’ve achieved standard victory it’s all but impossible for the opponent to come back. In these scenarios you could wait until battles are overwhelmingly in your favor and would just drag the game on and on and on.

  • I tried a test game of total victory in which the Axis had 11 cities and I just kept building Japanese bombers in LA trying to take down Washington as quickly as possible. It got extremely tedious and I scrapped the test game lol. Standard is better.

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    I’m not much in favor of either Victory condition, but I chose Standard because that would be expected to represent a situation that seems hopeless for the losing side anyway.  But we normally simply play until one side capitulates.

  • I agree that playing Total Victory seems pointless and tedious, but I’ve recently been considering a 10 VC game and how that would change things…  It seems to me that it might be more accurate historically since Japan didn’t capitulate even after Germany totally surrendered, and I doubt the US and UK would have surrendered immediately if Moscow fell.  However, I’m not sure if anything more than 9 isn’t just pointless anyway because after 9, 90% of the time one of the capitals will have been captured leaving one country entirely out of the game and the surviving countries lopsided because of this…

  • victory cities are just for new players, I never played with VCs, and since Revised I’d never achieved the minimum nr. of VCs in revised/AA42/AA50. It has always been up to me or my opponent to concede, then the game is over.

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