Spec Ops Figures (28 mm, 27 mm) anyone?

  • Hey Generals from tableboards.

    I love (like you i guess)  non computer boardgames of the same family of Risk , and A&A games are like Victoria Secret of the board games.

    Anyway i also want to start a medium collection of  wargaming figures of Spec Ops. Basic everyting i can get of SEALs, some stuff of Delta Force, British SAS and one thing or another of other Special Forces.
    But it won´t be something very big like some wargaming fans have, and what i want with this topic is to know is if some of you guys collect or play skirmish games at 28 mm or 20 mm (figures) and if so can you give me a feedback about sites to buy or some advices.

    ps: i don´t want to play Skirmish wargames (personaly i don´t like the way the game works) i just want paint and put in a shelf or box or give to one of my young cousins.

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