Teaching to (relative) newbies?

  • Any advice on the best way to re-introduce someone to this game is? The people I’m playing with on Saturday have all played the game once or twice, but not in years. Also, any advice on how to teach someone who has never played before?

  • i have always found that its best to just go over the ground rules, then just start palying and have them learn as you go. with in a few games (unless they are really stupid) they should have it. 8-)

  • Give them the CD to play around with (it also has a short tutorial).  Sure, the AI is weak but they will learn the basics of the game with it and you won’t be wasting game time telling them how to load and unload transports.

  • I don’t have the CD … and I was referring to the ground rules 😉 How do you think it’s best to teach them the ground rules? Just go unit-by-unit (which I think would be a waste of time, since it’s all on the reference card anyway)? I guess it’s obvious that I should start with the objective and order of play, and what to do in a turn … but do you think I should do anything more than that? Or, where should I go from there?

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