Teaching Friends to play A&A

  • I recently made friends with a guy that has played Risk, but has only heard of A&A and from my talks with him has little to no WWII knowledge. Have any of you had sucess with players like this? Should I make him my apprentice?

    I did teach him to play Catan and he enjoyed it.

  • I have taught many people how to play, probably 20 but only 9 of them still play. So I think that it is alway worth trying to get more people to play, but more people give up because it takes too long or it’s too confusing, but you never know. Since he liked Catan your odds are better and it sounds like he’s interested

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    You can only have success with those motivated to learn the game. While your instruction can increase or decrease their motivation, they need to be interested in the first place.

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    Try, but be prepared for him to not like it or to lose interest  😐

    1941 is probably the best one for a beginner, if you have it
    If not, then Spring 1942

    (If you’re hoping he’ll graduate to AA50 or G40 some day, because the recent 1942 and 1941 games have similar rules)

    I don’t know which A&A game you have in mind, but ideally you wouldn’t start with one that has National Objectives, and you would play without tech.

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    Also, I recommend finding another new player if possible that he can spar against.

    If it’s only you and you’re experienced, then you need to try to play more like a newbie so that he doesn’t get smashed and discouraged.  You’ve got to let him taste the satisfaction of winning several battles!

  • I am teaching a new player with A&A 1914… I play the Central Powers, as it is extremely difficult to win, so the newbie vs. experienced is lessened.

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    You could also consider handicapping yourself a lot so that you can play your best and have a fair game.

    Like, a LOT

    Or, show him a couple of games between experienced players from this site.  Isn’t that a good way to learn fast?  Not as fun as playing, though.

  • Thanks for the advice.

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    AA41 all the way or if you have an old copy of classic try that.

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