• Hi, I need a good strategy for the Allied powers. I’ve played global a few times but never pacific alone.

    I’m going up 1on1 against a friend, so i need to get my strategy in place before we start.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • For India : The Big Hurt is coming for India, no question, every game. So how best to defend from it? ? ? ? I like to add one more AAA Gun for starters, and then add men. If you lose your airplanes in some foolhardy attack then the India defense will be a lot tougher, keep those planes alive!! There’s not to much navy that I personally would purchase, it always seems like a waste of money. If on the off chance Japan isn’t going to India (Don’t fall for a feint) then I slap on a few tanks and start rolling up the Burma Road. If somehow things are going really really well a Hong Kong factory isn’t out of the question. But for UK, capturable, valuable territories are hard to come by.

    For Australia : If you can obtain your objectives early, you’ll have enough dollars to buy planes for the India Defense. A carrier in SZ57 can help this happen. You’ll be helping out the US who may come in with a swift strike force via Sydney. Don’t group your ground forces in the Capital. Your homeland defense force can hit all Australian zones from “South Australia”. Safe, Effective, Transportable.

    For U.S. Northern Strategy : Alaska Factory is a must for the northern strategy to work. Your goal is going to be Korea and the destruction of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Get your objectives and deny your enemy his at the same time. Free naval/air bases are available in Caroline Islands. I use Manila as a point to cut off Japans Navy and lasso your pacific fleet up to SZ6 for the final series of battles.

    For U.S. Southern Strategy : A Naval base in either Line or Johnston Islands is key. This’ll help you leap frog to Sydney and on to the D.E.I. and/or India. This is a slower stretegy but lets you get a lot more ships on the board before the battles start. An Australian naval base in West Australia or your own Naval base in Java does just as well. You can also halt at Line/Johnson Ils. and head West to take out Caroline and Keep your Phillipines army alive and ready for combat.

    Starlight Sniper

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