• I just wanted to know what you prefer…

    I prefer playing as Axis because they have more action and more challenge.

  • i love playing as UK because the have the challenge of saving USSR from destruction.

  • I just like big armies.

  • '19 Moderator

    I like the axis. I think the axis are harder to play and I like the challenge.

  • in the old versdion they are very difficult to play as not in revised though!

  • I just played about less than an hour ago and i found no difficulties.

    (But then again i was just playing The and newbies.) 😉

  • exactly! you need expierience for this game.

  • The had some Experience.

    For you people who don’t know. The is our friend he is from Korea or something.

  • once again shut up aand cut out the stupid conversations.

    I said i was going to stop with the useless Messages but you just keep on pushing?

  • Are you guys just posting for post count or what?

    Anyhoo, I love playing as the Axis because I am a German at heart and I am technically 5/8 German (7/8 if you include British which can be arguably German because of the Anglo-Saxons who came from Germany.) Playing as the Fatherland, trying to devise new strategies is just awesome.

  • honestly, i love playing russia. something about not having to worry about buying air or sea units seems good to me. And also that the whole game kinda depends on if you can handle japan and germany at the same time makes ya feel important.

  • i love the brits cause i love navy and air forces 😄

  • I prefer playing as the allies in this version. I find it to be more of a challenge than the original A&A. My friends and I have played about 6-7 games and the axis have won all the games. So at this point I find the allies are more of a challenge. Plus I find their are more purchase options with the allies. Axis is mostly tanks and men and maybe a CV. Not always of course but usually that’s how it plays out.

    Plus for some reason, (I think someone put a voodoo curse on me) I always have the worst luck playing as the axis (especially Germany). My rolls usually suck. Any one else find that they have better dice rolls with one power over the other?


    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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  • I like playing as the allies especially Russia because they are the hardest to play with because they are right in the action and they have a pretty weak army.

  • Better than in the first one though.

  • right on joshost. i cant figure out why people find playing as the axis difficult.

  • @tigertank:

    right on joshost. i cant figure out why people find playing as the axis difficult.

    then you are either a genius, or you do not understand the game, or you are used to playing against noobs.

  • I personally like playing as Japan, simply becuase island hopping is so cool. Its much more complex and difficult than just sending hordes of men at you opponent, like Germany does with Russia. Obvioulsy the Russian front is more in depth than that, but island hopping requires pratically every unit type (infantry, transports, battleships, and AC’s with fighters have all been needed in my game). I also like playing as them simply because they are Japanese 😎 .

  • generally, i play as britian, but im my own worst enemy in the way i cant keep a strategy quite. the first person i ususally tell is germanstrom, he then uses my ideas against me.

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    Allies have always intruiged me because they have to work as a team to win and most wargames don’t have that inbuilt into the game… I like the US because it has to deal with two threats at once to really help out the most which require some planning and patient execution…


  • I wonder how this poll would go if redone today….

    Sounds like a new poll idea!

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