Make my own Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition

  • I just bought Axis&Allies 1942 from amazon for 30 euros in Europe. I liked the game pretty much so I would like to have Anniversary edition now but it is over 500euros (>800$ !). It’s way too expensive to buy so I got one idea. Can I do this:

    1. Buy another version of A&A 1942 from amazon
    2. Paint adequate number of miniatures for Italy and China
    3. Print the A&A Anniversary Edition board
    4. Print the extra cards for technology, National goals ect

    Do I miss something and could it be done?

  • Absolutely it can be done and many people have done just that.

    You can download the rulebook for AA50th direct from Wizards of the Coast.

    Imperious Leader has links to some fantastic AA50 maps that you can print out (On a full sized printout in good quality will likely cost you around $65-90 US/Canadian (Whatever that works out to in Euros I don’t know).

    With 2 copies of 1942 you’ll have plenty of pieces, OR you can buy pre-painted pieces and get exactly what you need (by buying individual pieces) from (they have a Euro site opening as well very soon if I recall).

    I don’t think you’ve missed anything in your list except maybe the rules, which I already mentioned.

  • Yes, unless you are very strapped on cash, use, or Field Marshal Games (they have banners on the bottom of this page).

    HBG lends itself more to customization, but both are good sites.

  • Thanks guys, I have one more question. As I can see (becuase I have never played A&A50) there are some extra units like some kind of trucks and also a naval and air base…? There are not those kind of miniatures in the regular A&A42.

  • Those extra units are not in AA50, but rather the newer Pacific/Europe 1940 (Global 1940 when combined).

    For AA50 you need all the standard units that do come in 1942.

    Infantry, Artillery, Armor
    Fighter, Bomber
    Transport, Sub, Destroyer, Cruiser, Carrier, Battleship
    AA Gun, Factory

    That’s it.  Those other units (Mechanized Infantry, Tactical Bomber, Air base, Naval Base, Minor/Major Factory) are 1940 specific units.

  • Can anyone recommend a good source for setup charts and income & tech track for this?

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