A RTS game based on Axis and Allies

  • First of all has anyone heard of a Real Time Stratigy video game based on Axis and Allies. In my opinion A&A is a great game but it takes a little to long to complete and making it a RTS would be very fun.

    I am currently working on a Mod for the popular RTS starcraft. If you have the game it would make it play like A&A as much as the game permits, all the stratigies would still work and such. I’m just curious if there is an interest in such a game.

  • you should play sudden strike

  • That’d be strange. Would you have to mine something to produce units?

  • Since you seam intrested, here’s what I have done so far:

    1. Modified the units so thier attack and defence capabilities, etc. are the same as A&A.
    2. Made it so all 9 of the units that are used are built from one building.
    3. I got the terrian for the map of the world done. (It’s very close to scale)

    I’m probably about half-way done now. The biggest thing to do is add triggers that tell who has control over what land. So, NO you don’t have to mine anything at all; there will be vertualy no micro-managment in this game.

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    How is production controled? What replaces IPC’s?

  • Ok here’s how it’s going to work:
    Minerals (the same thing as IPC’s) will be given to the players every 3 minutes (or however long I decide to make the turns). The IPC’s per turn will be displayed as well as the number of IPC’s usable.

    There will be beacons to designate countries and whenever a player brings a land unit to a beacon it becomes his and his score is ajusted acording to the country he conquered. If it’s being liberated it is given back to the original owner.

  • WOW THat sounds cool. When do you expect to be finished? What about ships, AA guns?

  • Ships are going to be the most difficult thing to impliment because of the limitations of Starcraft. There are going to be triggers that move the air (now sea) units of the land squares and onto sea squares.
    Right now, AAguns can’t be built nor can they move but when a counry is capptured the AAguns that are there at the begining of the game are given to the conquerer. The reason that AAguns can’t be built is because there is no easy way to prevent players from building lots of AAguns in one country.
    I’m hopeing for a beta release next weekend and a public beta the weekend after that. E-mail me and I’ll send it to you and let you test it as soon as it’s ready. My address is sssssii@netzero.net

  • Intresting. What race(s) do you plan on using? Is each nation going to have its own distinctive units, or will they all be the same alla A&A? Are they anything that resembles tech rolls where you can use resources to upgrade technology or purchase new weapons? Also, will be multipler only or can the AI play too? I’m very intresting in seeing this mod.

  • Tarren is the only race I’m going to be using. The only advantage with other races would be to use different graphics for each nation but that would be the only difference because all of the units are the same.
    And about graphics, I haven’t really made plans to convert them yet mainly because I’m not very talented in that area. I any body want to help me in that pleas say so. Maybe it would be possible for someone to rip them from the axis and allies CD-ROM or some other game with WWII units.

    Upgrades will have to be made at a set price and be definit on which one you get. I haven’t even touched that part of the game yet but you can probably get all the upgrades, exept the artilery one and maybe not Industrial Technology. But I’m sure I can impliment the other ones.

    Industrial bombing will be out of the question just because AA will be doing a set damage (like everything else) instead of a random one, and everything would shoot at a passing bomber.

    It’s all comming along pretty good. I played it on my LAN with a map I throw together and it was FUN!

  • it would be pretty simple to modify shogun:total war to incorperate A&A, the basis of turn-based stratagy is there and the rts part could be removed or modified

  • I e-mail what I have done so far to the people that asked for it.

    I decided to change as many graphic as I can and have already changed three of them. the tank, fighter and air transport. The game a little restricting when it comes to sea units.

    I was woundering what you people think a good time is to make a turn. Basically how often do you want to recive money and how long should it take a infantry to move the length of one square.

  • Hmmmm… that’s a tough a tough decision to make. I guess the only real way is to playtest the game. Anyways, there are a few questions. How big is each square? How fast does inf. moved compared with a standard Terran Marine? How are the resources done? Is everything scaled down where three crystals equals on inf? Does has come into place?

  • Inantry is half as fast as they a normal marine. And the Armor is twice as fast as them as well as the other units exept planes.

    My brother said he is going to convert some of the graphics to make it look cool. How do you usally devide up the countries when there is less the five people playing?
    I was thinking:

    four players- one person commands both US and UK

    Three players- same except one person commands both the axis

    two players- DUH!

    What do you think?

  • That sounds pretty kick-arse. I’m far from any type of programmer or anything like that, but from the start of reading this thread, i was thinkin Command and Conquer would be a way easier game to convert into this sort of thing.


  • Well I suppose it would take 10-30 seconds to move from square to square, but I’m not exactly sure how big each square really is.

  • The map is 256 by 128 to give you an idea of how big it is. The squares are about as big as they are on the so it would take longer to move across Western Canada then it would to move across Eeastern Europe.

  • 30 seconds seems to be about right to travel from square to square. Based on these numbers, resources should come about every 2 minutes, though the game should be playtested more to find a healthy medium.

  • I’ve been working on it for awhile and it’s comming along real well. I play tested it at 5 min a turn for the distribution of money and the Axis won almost every time. Then I set it to 3 min and the Allies won almost every time. But other things might contribute to the unbalanced game. Like, say, UK took over Southern Europe the could instantly build lots of Infantry and it wouldn’t be good. I’m going to make it so you have to wait 50 sec. Before you can build on a freshly occupied country.

    I hoping by this weekend I’ll have it done and we can play a game on Kali or some other gaming service that supports Starcraft. Battle.net won’t work because it requires ver. 1.9 of Starcraft and my game only works on 1.7 (this is a limitation of the editing software I have to use)

  • Interesting idea. Have you seen the WW2 versions of starcraft that are losely based on A&A? I have a couple of maps if anyone wants them, email me at stu@thesyndicate.org.uk (most of them date from New Year’s time just gone).

    They are real-time based rather than turn based, and they didn’t manage to sort out limiting sea units to sea zones.

    I think the europe map is most convincing, and some of the triggers make for a good game.



  • I was going to post some screenshots but I’m not sure how.
    Any help?

  • Well there’s a topic almost exactly like yours in the A&A Forums about some one who wanted to take screens of the A&A CD-Rom version of the game. They suggested using some kind of program of alt + print screen. Does this ring a bell?

  • I’m sorry I wasn’t clear enough.
    Starcraft lets you take a screen shot by pressing Print Screen but I don’t know how to a actually put the image on this forum.

  • I’m sorry to tell you this but all my work just got destroyed when my hard drive crashed.

    Just Kidding
    but I have stoped work on Axis and Allies for Starcraft and will upload what I have done now to a site for download real soon.

    I am moving on to bigger and better things them being Freecraft

  • if you want a good ww2 rts check this site out from time to time


    its a mod for red alert 2 and it looks pretty damn nice…I personally didn’t like sudden strike because of the limited online play…and the fact you couldn’t build bases

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