• Hi everyone,
    I remember a very LONG article which included strategies for every nation(and infact they were very effective)

    For those of you who may recall:

    It focused on the purchase of units for the firs two three turns and guaranteed that any deviation from those purchase plan would result in difficulties for that particular naiton(especially Russia)

    It also stronly emphasized the purchase of numerous infantry so that they would play some kind of a buffer role as they were very cheap and defended at 2 as opposed to much more expensive armor.

    Now,does anybody remember such an article?It was here before this site was updated and now it’s gone.If you know about such an article can you tell me where I can find it?

    Thank you for the help,I appreciate it!!

  • Sounds like Don’s strategie to me. You can see them at:


  • Don’s strategies are incredibly well thought out and explained. I highly suggest reading them, even though I disagree with the guy on a lot of points.

  • thanks again,that’s EXACTLY what I was looking for,I,too disagree with him on a few points but I think overall he has done a hell of a job with these strategies…

  • I’m curious Yanny, would you mind detailing exactly what you don’t agree with?

  • Don’t know about Yanny, but I am not a big fan of the IC in India. I think the sinlge most important thing in Don’s strategy is that you win by buying lots of infantry and throwing them into the meat grinder. The explanation of how to work the US and British transports is also very helpful.

  • if the ic in india is unlimited, then japan is in for some hard times… especially if the usa has an unlimited one in sinkiang, and runs a pacific strat…

  • Unlimited IC? If you do that, then there is really no point in playing, the allies have an even bigger advantage. If you did, the British IC should go in Persia where no one can take it before they build. When I first started playing we didn’t read the rules carefully enough and played this way. The allies could win without the US.

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