• Hi. It has been 10 years since I played. I am just getting ready to get back into it. After lurking around, I have alot of questions that you guys have probably answered a million times. Thanks in advance.

    I remember that the Axis seemed to be at a disadvantage. I have read the “no attack for Russia 1st round” rule. Does this seem to even the odds? What are some other widely accepted rules used to even the field?

    Where can I find the 3rd edition rules? I used to play 2nd edition. What is the concensus as to the 3rd ed. rules? Are they more realistic?

  • By lurking around, I have found the 3rd edition rules and have read many discussions about RR, etc. Now I guess I can ask a little more intelligent questions.


  • I can’t remember how many times I had to erase a question I was asking and answered myself… 🙂

    Our local group hasn’t played AA much in the last few years. Allies always win even with RR, germans with jet power and Japs with super subs.

    The idea of bidding is re-kindling interest I must say.


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