• I’m new to the Axis and Allies community and would appreciate some help in playing some regular people instead of the horrific AI.

    When hosting, I goto what seems to be the normal screen and wait for others that never come. When someone else hosts I get a black screen for a minute or two then get an error message something like"unable to connect through directplay lobby."

    I have deleted a file in the A&A folder dplayx.dll as someone told me too, no help. I’m running directX ver. 8.1. Have Verizon DSL with a DLink router with firewall.

    Could this be the problem? And how can I fix it? Any ideas? Better places to play, more reliablly with the CD? I need to play a few games with the pros to raise my A&A ability so I can start kicking some butt!

    All help and advice is greatly appreciated!

  • I suspect it’s your firewall. I have the same problem. If we knew what port # the game is using it might help. Until then I am trolling the web for any answers. You might try just not running a firewall, I’d have to put a different operating system on my server so I’m not picking that as my first choice…


  • Anyone have any luck on this topic, drives me nuts to not be able to play online against other people as the computer AI is laughable at best. If someone has had some luck with either finding the port to open or plays on The Zone often using WinXP, could you do us the favor of a FAQ detailing what you did to make it work?

  • I’m up and running on the zone now with XP. I have DirectX 8.1 which is needed, 9.0 doesn’t work. It seems to be impossible to uninstall unless your some type of tech computer nerd. I definately could not figure it out, which is why I wound up clean reinstalling XP. That puts DirectX 8.1 back. I used Microsoft tech support and the only other way of uninstalling is to use the system restore function back to the point that you installed DirectX 9.0.

    For the Zone you also want to delete the file in ONLY the Axis and Allies Folder dplayx.dll. I guess the theory behind that is the dplayx.dll file will default to your windows version of the file which is then compatable.

    Lastly, no router with firewall. I have to unplug the ethernet plug from the router and plug directly into the modem and reconnect before playing. Which is a pain but, once you get the system down, the only problem is remembering to put it back when your done. It’s well worth it to play on the zone. I’ve learned so much already getting my butt kicked.

    Hope this helps, it’s about all I know about the subject.

    P.S. Side effect of reinstalling Windows XP…… Flickering sreen in the Axis and Allies CD only Multiplayer or not. Good Luck!

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