• Which is better? the board game or the CD game of A&A and/or A&AE ? are there many differences? around how much do each of them cost from a local store ?
    what stores sell them?

  • On 2002-01-11 17:05, Anonymous wrote:
    Which is better? the board game or the CD game of A&A and/or A&AE ? are there many differences? around how much do each of them cost from a local store ?
    what stores sell them?

    I think the CD makes it easier to learn how to play the game, but the boardgame looks way cooler 😄 Both are the same game though. Costs about 10$ i think, but hard to find.

  • If you have friends, get the board game. If you on’t have friends nearby to play with, I would think you should get the cd (though I don’t have thecd myself).

  • nothing beats the boardgame for interactive, face-to-face, heated battles with friends.

  • nothing like playing the board game with 4 friends and stuffing your face with pretzels.don’t get that with cd version.

  • The AI in the CD-version is terrible, it also has some major bugs, like dissapearing subs, sinking fighters (altough carrier is in position).
    But if you don’t have friends and spend all your time in front of your computer, sure, buy the CD.



  • The guy posting befor me is right. The AI ont he CD suck bigtime. Also you have the bugs he mentioned.
    I just wanna say that the CD is ok if you have some time to kill, or wanna try out an attack. Nice way to practice.
    But the boardgame is unique. Nothing like a good clean face to face combat.

    Good luck

  • The iron blitz version isnt so buggy, but the comp is still weak.

  • yeah true nothing beats the board game the excitement its great i havent got the cd rom but, i would rather have the boardgame its more fun i love the game i would also know where to buy the board game i havent got the board game my uncle does but like he has had the game for 30 years now so you can imagine the state of the board it is barely intact half the pieces are lost we have to use the lil country markers as 5 men and we have to use pennys as 5 men and 2p as 20 men:( lol
    but you can still play i loveit i wont it myself

  • If you’re short on chips and figures, you can always send a self address letter with money order to Hasbro/Avon Hill to ask for replacements.

  • The board game is clearly the best for fun and general entertainment. Of course, you have to have ready made people 😄 to play with.

    The CD is a great option if you don’t have a play group, or if you wish to expand your horizons. It is also the best way to learn quickly, as you can play in real time against many different people…and you can always get a game, regardless of time zone etc. Simply login to the zone.com, make your way to the A&A section and enter the W@W room. You can get a game there pretty much anytime…day or night.

    I agree with those who say that the CD AI is crap…it is. Totally useless IMO. But, you never need to play it…as a human is always available.

    Regarding bugs…there are some. Many people don’t realize that patch 1.3.3 fixes most of them. The rest of the bugs have fairly easy and common workarounds. There is no impediment whatsoever to playing the game over the internet against a live opponent and for the most part it is very smooth and very similar in look and feel to the boardgame.

    Regarding clubs…there are many, for both the CD version and also Play By Email (PBEM). For CD check out spring1942.org or Balance-of-Power.net For PBEM check out AAMC.net All of these orgs are free to join.

    Regarding club play…you will find it is a very dynamic community. Many friendships are formed on-line. Real time on-line chat on the zone.com provides a forum for chatting about anything, or just hanging out. I wouldn’t suggest these are a substitute for in-person friends, but you can derive a lot from these communities, and they go far beyond nameless and faceless game playing. Face to face tournies are also often organized locally, regionally through these clubs. As well, they are another great way to meet people in your city who enjoy the game.

    If you cannot find the CD, simply visit the sites of Spring or BOP and request help. Chances are someone will point you in the right direction or even ‘burn’ you a copy of the CD. It has also been found at times through sharing engines like Gnotella etc where you can down load the entire disk…provided you have high speed access.


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