• I always wonder, why some (most??) ppl tend to play with the original game rules and no additions like RR, Axis Advantage and whatever. I see no sense in playing a game, which outcome is an almost clear win for the allies. Imho this is just a GAME, we are not here to rewrite history. I also dont consider it a challenge to win with axis coz its rather some lucky rolls in key situations than strategic skill.
    oh well, u could argue now “what the hell does he want after all??”. The simple answer: just complaining about morons who always want to win…^_^

    out for now

  • balance is good, but you must be carefull you dont push it over so that the Axis are now almost clear to win…

  • i think most veterans play RR, but newbies play regular. Simply because they are unexpirenced and the game is balanced due to that. They have not perfected maximum economy use and arn’t sure what to buy. The Axis newbies just buy a ton of tanks and kill the Russian player who bought an AC :lol: . But when you get better you use the newer rules. I think most of us do anyway.

  • well guest, you have a point. Suggest that you will be willing to play either side given a set of conditions (eg. RR, bid of 7, whatever), and see what their solution is. If they refuse to accept the “enhanced” style of play, refuse to play the Axis (“well, if you think the game is even, then you won’t have a problem playing the Axis”). If they still refuse to play the Axis in lieu of “historical correctness” or “purist-ism” then you have the options of a) not playing (not a fun choice), or b) axis hoping the fact that you are smarter than they would lead to a tactacal advantage . . . .

  • yeah i have this prblem too (damn i hate those noobs :x ) they never want to use RR or bids it just pisses me off! Their only exuse is since
    I’m so good I alays beat them anyway, :-? they’re just lucky that they’re right

    anyway if you want some advice attend my class, It’s the “Axis and Allies 101” thread. I’m happy to discuss my tactics about anything that anyone want’s to talk about :). I like helping out the underdogs.

    so sayeth the Commissar 😎

  • true.
    i’ve lost a couple of games as an “ally” when my allies (or when I) refused to cooperate and coordinate our attacks. Even without RR!!

  • I was playing a game with some new players and they were actually pretty good. My ally in Japan, who had never seen Axis and Allies in his life, actually helped me eat Russia alive once I gave him a push in the right direction, namely a huge tank rush from Manchuria.

  • How did he muster up the armor he needed for this rush?

  • IC. Good newbie Jap Strat.

  • i used to build IC’s in manchuria or kwantung all the time as japan. it’s pretty helpful, but the 15 IPC’s is a steep price early in the game

  • it’s a pretty good beginner strategy, but i think it’s more useful(IPC efficient) to ship men over to the mainland in transports

  • I used to love to play the axis, and oddly enough I always thought the game favoured them. I only started playing the allies after my brothers and some friends thought it was unfair for me to dominate them as germay all the time so we switched. I have always liked russia since. there is no advantage to either side. each side has strengths and weaknesses. clearly one or to setbacks is all it takes on the axis’ part for the allies to win, but avoiding such setbacks or overcoming them is what makes us smart enough to win. that’s why we search out each other on the internet. we want the challenge of other lateral thinkers playing against us. not just because we’re dorks.

  • oh and so far as strategy goes, I’ll argue that russia is the most important figure. if they stack up a defense against you, and you are looking at a battle of attrition in karelia- I’d pull back your forces and and go all out for africa. but if they leave you an opening - hit them. but don’t jepordize your tanks. and if they attack in T1 just drive around them. that’s less of them you’ll have to kill later.

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