• My friends and I have recently started playing Axis & Allies again and we lost the old rulebook. We downloaded the one off the website but I noticed it lacked a rule that was in my friends old rulebook. Towards the end of my friend’s lost rulebook was a rule that enabled the Russian player to abduct allied units on Soviet soil. The abducted allied unit was then replaced by a russian unit of the respective type. Such as turning a British fighter into a Soviet fighter. Is that rule still legal?

  • No, it’s not, if you are playing by the 3rd edition rules.

    As you pointed out that was in an old, 1st edition of the rules.

    In today’s games, 3rd ed., if for example the UK player has landed 2 FTRs in KAR (Karelia) to help defend, the UK player would roll for the FTRs (or, on a rare occassion, allow the USSR player to roll for them. A possessive bunch …aren’t we?)

    Also, If the USSR player plans to retreat, from KAR in the same example(in order to save Russia by consolidating forces), it would be wise to inform the UK player before the UK players turn. Then the FTRS have defended against the Germans and are saved, rather than HUNG OUT TO DIE! 😛

  • YES! That happened to me once! I was playing Germany w/ a particularly brash & boastful Japanese ally. I was doing wonderfully in Europe while he was overextending & getting his a$$ kicked royally in Asia. It reached a fateful point where I knew we would’ve won if it hadn’t been for his overreaching aggressiveness & I became bitter & (regrettably) rather uncooperative. He BEGGED me to throw a FTR in to help him defend India (which he had just taken, but with only 2 guys, & loyal ally that I was I obliged–ONLY ON CONDITION I COULD FLY BACK NEXT TURN!

    Well needless to say he–on a complete whim & without consulting me–he moved his INF out to make another 40%-60%-chance attack (odds NOT in our favor) & SURPRISE he lost! Then he retreated–to SOUTHEAST ASIA, TOTALLY ABANDONING MY FTR TO THE ALLIES!!! The Allies almost regretfully plugged my FTR & w/ it India (& the whole game, really). They were actually very polite & apologetic about it, knowing I’d been sold out by my self-serving, glory-seeking, so-called “ally”…

    Needless to say, a ‘grudge’ was born…

    This game was 2 years ago. Do the math… 😉


  • Math?

    I don’t do no stinkin’ math!

    You mean your like … 12 years old now? :lol:

    I don’t do no stinkin’ math! :-?

  • Yeah, I understand and empathize with you Oz_!
    I had an eXfriend do that to me in W EUR. Needless to say … D-Day looked more like Dunkirk. AAAAARRGH! :evil:

  • Xi, how drunk ARE you right now…

    It’s 21:30 here in Cali. In OH it must be 00:30. :roll: Go to bed…

    Respectfully yours,

  • O’n norf dtumk!
    Jusr ip laet hsvong sime fin!



  • LOL!


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