• Can you have two AA guns on the same territory? I know only one will fire, but can Germany retreat their one from France and have it join the Italy one? For some reason we’ve always played that they couldn’t and this became a bone of contention last game.

  • You can move an AA gun into any adjacent territory that you control during your non-combat move.  Therefore, you can have more than one in a territory, but yes, only 1 may fire regardless.

  • http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=8646.0

    Check out that thread, it should answer your questions about the pictures as well as a bunch of other stuff about the forum.

  • I have another question about AA gun movement. Normally units moving in non-combat are only allowed to move into territories that were friendly since the beginning of the turn. But I’ve read a Russian strat that says move a gun to WRus on the R1 non-combat move. How is this possible if WRus was hostile at the beginning of the turn? Are there different rules for AA gun movement than for other units moving in non-combat? Because I’ve always played with the guns moving exactly as anyone else in non-combat. This means that in my games, Russia cannot move the gun to WRus on R1, and must wait until R2 non-combat to do it. Is this correct?

  • Air units are the only units that cannot non-combat move into a territory taken that turn.  You can “reinforce” territories that were captured the same turn with any land units you want (that can reach of course), including AA guns.

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