Best Way to Kill America(explained better this time!)

  • On my post the best way to kill america, i didn’t really go into details on what you buy… also i didn’t explain good enough. the way i explained it, it sounded like e.canada only has like 2-3inf. in it once you conquer it, which is not true.Also i didn’t say japan is helping. This version is explained much better, and i hope it helps you guys!

    Turns 1-2 Germany: keep your fronts and in africa retreat to French West africa with 2 inf. 1 tank. take back anything conquered by the allies. AND SINK BRITISH FLEET!!!

    Buy: 3 transports, and save 8 ipcs or buy 1 tank 1 inf. with 8ipcs
    income: 33-36 IPC
    Turn 1 Japan: Kill pacific navy and with transport in capital, move 2 infantry into Alaska. You don’t have to woory about it being conquered because the transport in west usa will be gone if you send 1 sub, and 1-2 fighters, land fighters on aircraft carrier.
    Buy: 2 transports, 3 infantry
    Income: around 30- 37 Ipc’s depending on asia.
    Turn 2 Japan: Transport 4 infantry to alaska and move navy in hawaii from last turn to alaska to help defend transports.
    Buy: Industrial Complex in Alaska. And Buy 1 transport and from 2- 4 infantry for capital.
    Income: 30- 40
    Turn 3 Germany: more than likely the british air force sank your fleet, so take back any conquered territories. Sink any british fleet.
    Buy: 1AC, 2 transports.
    Income:around 35 ipcs
    Turn 3 Japan: transport more infantry to alaska. More than likely america is gonna build tanks in west usa to get to alaska, so try to have around 8 infantry in alaska. REMEMBER-make sur doing periodic bombing raids.
    Buy: 2 fighters for alaska, and try 2-3 dice for weapons developement.
    Germany turns 4-7: once you get a navy of about 2 AC, and 2-4 transports send 4-8 infantry and all fighter s to e canada, its an easy win against 1 tank! After you buy, you will have around 8-9 infantry in canada, and on your next turn you can put your fighters in there to.
    Buy: A complex in e. canada and and 3 infantry. Use the leftover money for weapons developement.
    Japan: Move into western canada with all the infantry, and in alaska buy 2 tanks. use leftover money for weapons developement.

    Now… America will be stunned. All there money they more than likeley will use to try to take out alaska, and when they see e. canada they are not gonna know what to do, if they attack e. canad than western canda will still be strong, if they attack western canada, eastern canada will be strong. The next turn you will assualt eastern and western USA!!!

    Hope that helps! I also hope it isn’t too confusing!!! :roll:

  • Japan will be lucky to take ALA on JAP 1. 9 times out of 10 – UK sends the 1 infantry from WCA to ALA on UK 1. Thus, there are 2 infantry in ALA vs. 2 infantry for Japan and perhaps 1 bb bombardment. Thus, it’s about a 50:50 chance (actually 44:56 in favor of the Allies).

    In addition, as far as the navy being safe after attempting to take ALA … I think not. The US still has 1 transport, 1 battleship and 1 bomber, plus it can bring the WUS fighter (assuming ALA was not taken). This will easily take out the JAP fleet in the ALASZ.

    I could go on punching holes in this strategy … but, I leave that for some of the others on this forum to enjoy.

    Please don’t take this to heart … because I have definitely been known to be wrong on occassion. Also, I would be happy to play this strategy out with you?

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    I’m always up for a new strat to go after UK or US but this will not work.
    Russia will roll over Germany.

    Assuming Russia Restricted:
    After rd 1 Russia has about 17 inf and 3 arm in Kar with 2 ftrs.
    With no Ger reinforcements in Rd 2 Rus will take Ukr, Fin, and EE.
    UK can reinforce Egy in rd 1 with Ind troops and US sails trn to UK sz with ftrs. UK buys 1 AC, 1 trn in rd 1.
    Now Ger has a useless navy and no troops. Any more naval purchases means Ger falls in rd 3.

  • maybe if you play with a rule that lets germany build naval units for half off. I’d be willing to do that as allies as long as otherwise it’s standard rules.

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