• Can a plane in Japan make a CAP in the sea zone adjacent to Ryukyu islands? I mean, can a plane make a CAP in a sea zone that is not adjacent to where the plane is at the beginning?

    My English is horrible, my excuses.

  • I think it can since it get’s one movement to cap, and the airbase increases range, I could be wrong, but that’s how I play.

  • From page 24 of the manual, “you may initiate a CAP by moving fighter planes … from any territory to an adjacent sea zone.” To my interpretation, the meaning of “adjacent” here is geographical. Therefore, I think CAPs can’t get any advantage from airbase.

    Shall we discuss it in detail? :D

  • hmm, the thing is, you could interpret adjacent as once space away… but you are probably right on this one.

    What about with seaports, moving 3 spaces, but picking up men on the way? some people play it has to be 3 spaces non-stop.

  • I’ve just read through the rulebook again in more detail. Here’re my own interpretation to the questions you’ve raised, Inxduk. (Of course, everyone can has his/her own interpretation :D )

    First, let’s talk about the term “adjacent”. On page 12 of the rulebook, in the section of Air Bases, it says “Aircraft … do not have to use up one movement to go between the territory and the sea zone in which the base is situated, or is adjacent to.” The meaning of “adjacent” here is obviously geographical. Then, if we assume that the terms through out the manual is coherent. It is reasonable to believe that the “adjacent” on page 24 has the same meaning.

    Next, let’s discuss the matter of Naval Bases. In fact, I think that the rule listed in page 24 of the rulebook is very simple and clear. Notice the term used in the rulebook: “naval units”. It hasn’t said anything about a specific kind of naval unit. It says nothing about transport. In my point of view, the only restrictions on the use of the naval bases are: 1) Non-combat movement. 2) Starting and destination naval bases have to be friendly before the movement is made. 3) not more than 3 spaces. Once they are all fulfilled, you can do whatever you like. Therefore, I can’t see any point in prohibiting transports from doing such kind of action.

    Just my 2 cents… :oops:

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