• A question came up last night during play. This would of course apply to all A&A games, but it seems that it would occur more often in A&AP

    Anyways, if the British land fighters on american carriers during their turn, and the Americans attack with those carriers, do the british fighters attack with the americans? I can see both sides of the argument on this one.

    Yes: Because why would fighter sit on the deck of a carrier during a fight

    No: You cannot combine attacks. Countries are divided for a reason.

    So what is the rule on this? Thanks!

  • On p. 32 under Aircraft Carriers: If you own the carrier and it is your turn (Pacific, becuase the rules were handy); You must own the fighters aboard your carrier in order to move the fighter and/or attack with it. I love my rule books.

  • basically, if an American fighter is on a British Air craft Carrier, it can defend if attacked, but its just dead weight if the Air craft carrier goes on the offensive.

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