• I have a question about convoy centers. Does the british player get all the british convoy centers added to his income already, or can he just move in and capture them. (Ex: the convoy center in SZ49, the british player has ships around that rea, now does he own that center already or can he move his ships and get an ez 5 IPc’s right from the start?)


  • read the manual. it takes a while but once you get the rules down the game is really fun. my first game with my friends consisted of one guy readint he manual for 45 minutes :lol:

    anyway, i’ll save you the time for this one. the british start with them. you’ll notice there are 3 british ones (SZs 52, 49, and 15), and they add up to 12.

    those are the 12 IPCs the British player can split between India and Australia.

    hope that clears that up.

  • ya, i read it in the manual a little after I posted the question…and I figured uit out, but thanks for the help. Oh ya, my games are kinda likke that, (I read the manual every turn heh)
    thanks 😄

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