• i posted this in a different forum, but it is prob most appropriate here.

    There are two good ways to keep track of the board in a PBE/PBF game:

    1. www.motcreations.com download the mapview program then go to http://aamc.net/dloads.shtml and download the module (the second file on the page) and put the module in the “modules” directory of the mapview program. Mapview has many modules that can be used for several games (chess, aaae, ……)


    2). http://aamc.net/dloads.shtml and download the “aaamap v.96 Beta”.

    Mapview has a MUCH better graphical interface (the aaamap is pretty rough around the edges), but aaamap has a really great feature that counts all the units on the board, so you can see exactly how the world stacks up at any given moment. I think I prefer mapview, mostly because of the graphics and because you can add as many maps as you want to a single file so you can see how the board progresses by turn, but with the aaamap, you have to save each turn under a differnt name see to game progression. (is that a run-on sentence? 😉 )

  • i downloaded the second one, and everything’s great except i don’t know how you add units to the board

  • can either drag units from one country to another. or click on the unit in the little “tools” box and then click on the country you want to add to. To delete units click on the bomb in the “tools” box and then click on the unit you want to get rid of.

  • ok thanks ssyba

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