• I just found this website so forgive me if this question is stupid.

    Is this possible?  Is it free?  Where do I go?  I would like to be able to play my dad online.

    Also, can you download a version to play offline on a computer?  The set up time and the attack phase would be much quicker on a computer than with the board game.  Thanks for any help.

  • I too would be curious to know how you guys play.  Since MSN dropped axis and allies in january.  That is how i played online before.  Thanks for any advice.

  • We use several methods.

    Some use a program called TripleA (you can search the forums to find info on it).

    Others do Play by Forum (PBF) or Play by E-Mial (PBM/PBEM)

    You can read some basic info on these in our gaming area…

  • is the Ip to IP option still available?  Havent tried it but would be easier i’d imagine.

    and one more q.  If you have triplea is the game similar to when we could play on msn zone?  are you both linked and realtime on that software?  Thanks again.

  • I have no direct knowledge of either the old IP to IP play form the CD-Rom, or of RT play with TripleA

  • I just started playing the game again after years away, and I tried the IP between 2 computers on my network.
    It worked great!
    It should work across the internet, depending on firewalls, etc.
    Would love to try a game
    Anyone interested?

  • AAWC has a 4.1 patch that fixes most of the old problems, and a new WarZone that takes over where MSN GameZone left off!  See you there!

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