• Am i alone to believe the Russians are the most boring of all. I know there is some options, but they are quite limited compared the other nations, it just seem playing only the Russians is being totally dependant of the other allies.

  • i think you’re right for the most part in the mid-end game.
    It really depends on what everyone else does - esp Germany. I have had fun in the odd end game with a big Mother army that rampaged around Europe, but the Japanese usually put an end to that.
    In the early game - much more exciting than the US, albeit with fewer options (if you are less traditional/more risky, you can gamble more, of course - i’ve tried stuff, but with sucky allies, it doesn’t pan out often)

  • At first glance they might seem boring but you can actually do alot with them.

    One useful tactic that have become popular in my gaming group is to make a massive attack on Scandinavia in turn 1 (sending all your armour, some infantry and the fighters) and move all but one Caucasus infantry to Karelia. This way you get to keep all your tanks (instead of sacrificing them in Eastern Europe which is also a viable tactic) and you get 2IPCs that Germany got a hard time reclaiming.

    Buying a tank or two to keep in Russia can also be helpful ato stave off Japanese attacks in Asia.

    There is alot of intresting options for Russia, they are just hard to find.

  • Well said Taffsader. Unfortunately, when you’re dealing with russia restricted, you don’t always have that option. Also i like the idea of hitting the Ukraine to kill 2 arm instead of just one (but then you have less protection for your armed forces).

  • I think the most boring player is the US,they just sit there and attack,they never have to defend there homland.

  • Well there’s more option. And i always play RR, so Russians option are even more limited, in fact it has been a long time since we had a Russian-only Player. The only thing Russia can do is trying to adapt to the Axis pressure, and when Germany or Japan is cripple then invade.

    Anyway, so what’s the most boring of all anyway; Mother Russia, Hitler’s Germany, the Blessed USA, the Evil Japan Empire, the UK ? I doupt it’s Germany or Japan…

  • you should change the poll so people vote wich is the most boring country, not if russia is or not

  • my favorite move with the russians was when i spent all my first turn IPC’s on a bomber, and 3 inf, and moved all my guys accept one inf (i also moved the AA gun) out of karelia, and reinforced russia and caucus. after germany took karelia, as he would, the allies had a field day strategic bombing running the undefended IC. they also help me reinforce russia with a couple fightrs. every turn we’d buy bombers and by turn 3 (i think) germany wasnt getting any money. now japan was gettin pretty big by then, but even a supe powerful japan cant do anything if germany is getting beaten around.
    The best part was that the game was finished really fast so we had a rematch. i did the exact same thing, accept i held karelia and went on the offensive, just moved the AA. he wouldnt even attack karelia, he was so scared, he just wasted a turn building a bomber and teching, so i just moved the AA gun back. was he pisssssed. most fun game ever! who says Russia is boring.

  • :-?

    Why didn’t he move the AA from Southern Europe?

    Russia has a great many options if you don’t just sit there.

  • Or just spend the 5 ipc to buy an AA?

  • I like playing russia with a little character twist. I would not always support my allies in taking a territory unless russia would get the IPC. Even letting germany take a territory back with a chance of Russia taking it next turn. Although it is a team game I want to be the big winner. :evil: However as the U.S. and Britain I play supportive

  • I find the russians problem is normally not the germans but those bloody japenese coming in from behind and making sure it doesnt get any money

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  • If you are willing to take a small gamble, try this:

    Take the transport loaded from two men from Karelia and attack Africa (Morocco? I don’t remember the actual territory name). If it is R1 ()assuming no RR), it is two inf. vs. 1. If it is R2, then this can only be done if you left the transport at Karelia and Germany has not destroyed it.

    It can be interesting to watch the German player now have to contend with 3 fronts in Africa (Morocco (Russian inf), Syria (GB inf), S. Africa (GB inf)) instead of two. It is possible that Russia will even get to keep some IPCs from Africa 😄 .

    You do lose 2 inf. from Karelia, but with decent Allied players that shouldn’t affect the game too much.

  • ya ive done that before. its good because russia needs money.
    more than anyother allie i find, russia needs money. since the biggest fronts are fought with russia, if russia can get an extra inf every turn it is so good. if russia can keep germany occupied and fend off the japanese, then usa can smash through later. this stratagie is very wierd some times, but if u want to try it, here. on R1, stack yakut with inf, and nov with tanks and planes.
    on R2, take man and have the us (if u can hold it) and GB help defend with indian ftr and maybe some troops from china. japan can usually then take china and india, but there are still 2 inf on each so they have to use some force, meaning they cant take back man, and russia is getting the money. the reason i like this is that it sacrifices some usa/uk $ but gives Russia and xtra inf per turn, it also helps them keep eastern russia. it has worked before, but it has also failed misserably. but man was it fun 😄

  • why don’t you change your poll so that it makes sense….

  • hahahahahaha
    its so true.
    nice YAS, i applaud you. you said what my confused little mind couldnt understand. and i know u werent intending that as a joke, but it made me laugh. sighhhhh

  • SUD, you are correct that this will not be an easy task, however I am of the opinion that it is not as difficult as you seem to indicate.

    Of course you would need your sub to sink the German sub with the Russian Sub. My odds calculator indicates that you have a 60% chance of sucess. Then two inf. against the Algerian inf gives a 67% chance of winning by my odds calculator. As I said its a small gamble, but not terribly unlikely.

    On the other hand, with RR and leaving the transport and the sub in Karelia, you might be able(if Germany ignores them) to simply walk in on R2 if GB hasn’t already done so on GB1. Depends on the what Germany has done in Africa and what the bids, if any, were.

    In either case, the Russian navy doesn’t help the Russians defend Moscow and the 2 inf. can be spared with good allied players (again this is a small gamble as it does weaken the Russian defense).

    As a bonus if the Russian sub survives, it can be taken to the Pacific, or Indian ocean depending on how the game goes, to keep the Japanese honest in defending their transports.

    Also, I consider both Russia and Germany equally boring in long games as they seem to become locked in a defensive stand while the other players can run offensive attacks.

  • Most games, Germany gets boring by Turn 5 or 6 when they get pinned down and stay that way for the whole game…

  • Russia is not boring at all. A weak Russia nearly = dead of the allies.
    I agree that if UK use its major resources to repell Japan (such as an Indian facotry), there will be little viable options for russia but standing off with germany. However Indian factory strategy is not the most efficient way to fight against the axis. Instead, the responsibilty of holding off japan in th east lies on the mighty soviet east-front army and a couple of UK fighters. This requires top skills and good timing for retreats and counterattacks, right-on-time reinforcement of a few T-34 and better than good co-operation with UK fighters defence.
    Who says playing russia is boring?

  • AXIS AND ALLIES IS WACK!!! 😉 :x 😉 :x 😉 :x 😢 :evil: 😎

  • that was the best thing ive ever heard

  • If you can take a Germany First policy, and Britain/US don’t mind suicide attacks vs. Hitler, The Red Army can storm Berlin by turn 3-5. I’ve never lost with this.

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