• Hey guys Im about to go buy some minis, What should I buy? Im getting a Starter kit, what else should I get? Whats the best booster pack?

  • I generally think that the Base Set is the best to start with as it has many of the basics (M4A1 Sherman, SS Panzergrenadiers, etc).  However it also depends on what all you’re looking for - are you interested in a particular nation? (eg Don’t buy D-Day if you’re trying to build up your Russians or Japanese). As well, aircraft are only available in the last two sets.

    How many boosters are you looking at getting? If you’re getting a few I wouldn’t recommend all base set, but a decent mix. Each set has some decent contributions.

  • I want to have alot of armor less infrantry. Perferably German, US, Russian. Ill probably start with a starter set and two booster packs

  • It all depends which nation you are after for.  If you have more than 2 nations that you are collecting, then choose a set and stick with it until its complete.  Otherwise refer to my post at the bottom link for a particular nation and what set to get.


  • Thanks

  • @panzerkampfwagen:


    No prob Bob.  :wink:

  • Me and my brother bought the two player starter set! :-D
    My units
    Cromwell IV
    Panzer II (F)
    Type 97 Te-Ke Tankette
    “Screaming Eagles” Paratroopers
    PaK 40
    PIAT Gunner
    ZIS-2 57mm Model 1943

    My Brothers
    Renault R-35
    Imperial Sargeant
    M1 Garand Rifles x 2
    Fucile Modello 1891 Rifle
    47mm Type 1 AT Gun

    Does any have any units they dont want/ need(Kar98’s, M1 's,Shermans, Panzer IV G’s, or Pz III’s?) I spent all my cash for the starter set.

  • I have several German and American pieces that I can either trade or sell.  I trade for Russians only, unless you give me something good non-russian, then I might consider it. ;)

  • could u list them and price

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