I lost in 1 turn, WTF? (please help)

  • ok so my friends n i got the game a few weeks ago we tried to play a few times but never won the game untill last nite so of course we choose minor victory, as russia i attached germny n lost a few troops, gernmy got 1 victory city, uk tried to attacked n lost a few amies n retreated, japan took india, game over? what could the US do? do we mess up?

  •         Hmmm Me and My group I play with always play total victory (aka Until we get bored and/or Actual have a total Victory), so this is not a problem We usually have.  But if your playing that You only need to capture 1 City to win that seems way to easy , cause Japan can take India on thier 1st turn With I think a Bomber 5fighters and 2infantry, If they really want to ensure victory.
    This could just as easily be done As Germany Taking Leningrad I guess If Russia doesnt heavily Defend it.
            The Allies Couldnt Do this Im sure unless UK got incredibly lucky invading Western Europe or Germany on UK1 with 1Bomber 2Fighter 2Tanks 2Infantry(1tank from East Canada the rest from England) and Naval Bombardment. Against w/e Germany Puts in West.Europe (knowing that it only takes 1 Victory city odds are they would with draw everything from the South).
    You definently shouldnt be able to win any kind of victory on turn 1 thats just way to easy.  Maybe you didnt read the rules Right?

    IDK its kinda late at night I apologize for any Grammar or Spelling Problems and Maybe this helps. If it doesnt O well

  • Ah, I see what happened. The Axis have to actually HOLD 8 victory cities for a full turn. In your explanation, the Axis would need to hold all 8 victory cities until the second Japanese turn to win, giving the Allies enough time to retake a city.

  • well i was wondering if i was playing wrong but i mean gernmy invited n won n so did japan, thy invaded won the battle hence they got the cities or am i missing something???

  • The rule for holding VC’s is that at teh end of the US’s move (the complete turn of play) X number of VC’s are controlled by one side or the other.

    8 VC’s is basically an Axis win (except in very special cases like a 2 turn limit test game where Russia goes suicidal in defense of the Allied VC’s)

    Instead of 8, play for 9 for victory.

    When one side or the other controls 9 VC’s at the end of a turn, then there is basically no doubt as to what side won.

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