New player looking for another brand new player to play.

  • I have had the board game for pushing two months. I played 4 games on it. I just aborted and then started my first game online.

    My head is wayyyyy up my behind, so I’m looking for a fellow fresh off the boat newbie to learn with.

    Out of the box rules, no bid. Pick your side and I will play the other.

    If you are an experienced 1940 player, pick on someone your own size. (unless you want to do a tutorial type of game and show me the ropes)

  • @Stough I have the A&A games, at least most of them and I am looking to play someone new as well. I’m not even certain how this works as I just discovered this fourm and Triple aaa a week ago.

    I would like to play the out of box game rules and the standard game board.

  • @Jonny5tyle I would love to. May I suggest you play the Axis (as they are easier for first play- apparently experienced players give up huge bids to the Allies; so playing the Axis should be more fun and fair for you).

    If you need any help setting up the game, just let me know. The links and instructions are pretty good. It may take a few tries, but it’s very doable for this old man.

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