• Just curious…

    Has anyone ever tried to build Russian Navy in the Black Sea?  If so, with what success?

  • Like build transports and try to take Southern Europe?

    I have not actually tried it myself, but here are the reasons I will not try it:

    First, I don’t think Russia has the budget to construct at least 24 IPCs of non-combat equipment to properly threaten Southern/Western Europe. Every dime not used to increase land forces for attack against Germany or defend against Japan is money not-well spent.

    Second, it’s quite likely that a German bomber or airforce is in position to knock out that sort of navy. You can attack even from Western Europe with fighters and still land in Balkans.

    What exactly though did you have in mind for such a navy, Switch? To help retake Africa or something LOL?

  • Actually… I was thinking DST and SUB to kill the MEDFLT… then perhaps TRN’s later 😛

    And of course, the UK would have to be POURING forces into the north to compensate…

  • Hahaha if you want to be creative I think the best solution is to purchase 2 fighters and place them in Caucasus, so on R2 you can attack the med fleet in SZ15 with 4 fighters!

    If you buy a little navy you’re giving the Germans a chance to use their battleship and airforce to knock it out at a very cheap price, if any.

  • That is why I was asking… if anyone else has ever tried it an had any luck with it. 😛

    It is certainly NOT somethign I am about to do… but hey, some folks on here have tried some crazy stuff, and wanted to know if that was something anyone had tried 🙂

  • Of course they could do an AC and a TRN on R1, then just shift there existing land forces for defense… and land 2 FIGs on the AC…


  • I dunno, I like the sound of a Russian battleship….

  • Me too.

    I think it should be tried in any existing games at the moment.

  • My friend seriously used to ask whether or not he could place navy in the Caspian sea (adjacet to kazakh/caucasus) because he wanted to put a battleship in there with a transport and bombard things that came by……

    Another friend built 2 destroyers in the black sea on R2 the second time we played. He was trying to destroy the med fleet I think but for some reason retreated through the suez canal and it was utterly worthless…

  • I HAVE placed a BB on the Caspian Sea before…  It was the round Japan was going to fall in a Total Victory Game of Classic.  Did not need any more forces off Manch, so I said what the heck and built it 🙂

    Never got around to the AC though…the British fleet arrived and amphibed Tokyo 😞

  • Like always:

    I would never try a black sea fleet with experienced players…
    Same as all you guys I see.
    but what the heck if you’re playing with newbies?
    that’s the moment where you can do something crazy and fun as well I guess 8-)

    But for me, it would be something like: save about 15 IPC’s from R’s last investment, so Russia has probably at least 40 IPC’s at once…
    and then you can buy an AC and a BB in the next round for example.
    you can load the AC with your existing figs and buy a few trannies in the following round.

    If G still has a lot of figs flying around, it’s probably a lost case, anyway (even with newbies :-P)

  • I’ve tried! Although it’s probably different than what you’re thinking. GB and I (Russia) tried an experimental strategy. Instead of an early offence, I pulled my troops back to Russia and the Caucasus, and bought nothing but infantry first turn. Obviously Germany moved up but didn’t attack, and fortunately, Egypt was not taken by the Germans. The British moved their Indian fleet up through the suez, and the game went on. Second turn, Russia built 3 transports, making 4 including Britain’s, two infantry loaded into the British transport. Germany tried to take out the British med fleet but got massacred, so it went to GB’s turn. GB moved it’s fleet West to S. Europe. Russian turn came around, transports loaded, moved, and unloaded at S. Europe, 8 infantry attack Rome. They got slaughtered. But the point is I tried it, and the fleet remained, and I moved them up to Britain, allowing them to have the transports to majorly pump troops into Norway, then Western. So the game went well, and in the end I got the transports to work, but it didn’t really help the Eastern Front.

  • I’ve done it in a very weird situation in which Russia had 100+ IPCs to burn.  Don’t ask.  Strange things happen on turn 100.

  • I think I’ll give a try at the strat Squash suggested…
    of course: only when I’m playing with a newbie  :lol:
    (the day after tomorrow, woohoo)

    R buys a lot of infantry first turn (as usual)
    and if UK still has a passage to the Med, the Indian ships go that way.
    then in R2: I’ll buy 3 trannies…

    this means: in G3… Germany would have had an attack of 6 Russians somewhere along the southern border…

    but what I was thinking…
    (this popped into my head while I was reading the thread, so I didn’t give it any serious thought so far)
    If R3 does nothing with his trannies…
    and UK3 does an invasion in Western Europe, USA3 reinforces this, and R4 reinforces as well!!!
    I think Western Europe would be difficult to take back in G4?
    don’t you think?

  • That’s a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!

  • @Squash:

    That’s a plan so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a weasel!

    hmm, I don’t know this expression :?
    what does it mean?

  • Means it’s good:)

  • Just remember… the UK sailing through initially only reach SZ15… the Russians have to build in SZ16…

    And there is that pesky BB and TRN running around, maybe even a SUB from the BB battle in SZ13… and then the Luftwaffe…

  • indeed, I’ll try to wipe out the Med fleet with the complete UK fleet in maybe UK3 or UK4…
    rather than having them massacred to the G AF (both R trannies and UK fleet)…
    Still, it is a plan that will be executed versus newbies by my hands some day…

  • it is too bad that russia doesn’t at least have SOME option on fleet/naval that isn’t suicide against even marginal german play.  even in classic we never saw it, not even day one

  • I’ve only seen russa build a fleet when the game was over for all purposes.  Germany had fallen and Japan was about to.  So he put 2 BB in the pac using a IC that Japan built.  I was foolish and went after US with Japan.  Suicide.

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