An Axis & Allies PC Game Error Inquiry

  • **Ok, a couple of days ago, I managed to play my game for like around 3 hours or more before being Annihilated by the Opposing Forces.

    That being said, in the last couple of days, I have been getting that Tornado Flash Screen Image before the game just shuts off, but today, just a few minutes ago, it gave Me an Error Box about 2" Inches Wide & 1-1/2" Inches Tall (Yes, a Rectangle Shape).

    The Error Message Read as Follows:

    Axis & Allies Fatal Error-Version English AA Build:4129.7

    An Error has occured, thread MAIN caught unhandled exception - Access Violation (C0000005) trapped at 23:6A482DF0

    To aid the development team in fixing bugs, please submit the log file (Logs\log-40.log) and minidump file (Logs\log40.dmp)

    Ok, so with all of that being said, can ANYONE Please Tell Me what to do now?**

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