In Search of A Real Answer to My Axis & Allies Problem

  • @Lozmoid:

    Also, build TONS of Anti-Aircraft Guns around your bases. I didn’t have any problem with John Wayne though; I think he evacuated along with the British High Command in India when their forward sappers could hear the low rumble of my mechanised units approaching Calcutta…

    Crack on with it my son, you’ll get there!�  🙂

    Well now, you see, there is only one problem with that bit of advice, although I did do something interesting about the 8th time in Burma, but Building an Excess of A/A Defences cost a LOT of Money, Ammo & Supplies & I have to wait for everything to recoup before I can make any serious damage elsewhere.

    Now, about the 8th try in Burma, I kept thinking about that little hill that you had to cross to get into Delhi(?), well, the Brits hads to cross it to get to your Base as well, so I built a Half Moon Shaped Defensive Line made up of as follows: A/A. Pillbox, Artillery, A/A, Pillbox, Artillery, Etc,…. Until I went from the Beach, up the hill & back down again down to the stream, with intermittent Artillery & Pilloxes placed in other Strategic Places.

    In the end, I Lost again, but it took those Brits a while to punch through that Defensive Line.

    Now in England I surrounded My Entire Base with A/A Guns & I shot down every plane that came my way.

    Now, being the Ruthless Leader that I am, Yesterday I Sacrificed 3 Tank Brigades & about 10 Regiments of Infantry Attacking a British Tank & Halftrack Army that was coming down the Hill with a Combination Banzai Charge & a Zero Kamikaze Plane which pretty much took out the whole ensemble in that area.

    I hate to admit it, but it was Funny.

    (To The Mods, I Apologize if My Posts Seem Like Spam.)

  • Lozmoid: The A/A Guns cost Money & Supplies that are needed elsewhere, but I will give the Mechanised Infantry Idea a shot & see what happens.

  • **Well, today represented a turning point for Me with this game. for a little over 3 hours I was able to Build a Serious Base of Operations in an attempt to Defeat The British in Burma. I Built Up a Series of Serious Supply, Ammo & Oil Depots, as well as 2 Airfields, 2 Infantry HQ’s, 1 Paratrooper HQ, 1 Mechanised HQ & 1 Tank HQ & a Myriad of A/A & Artillery Emplacements.

    I was able to knock out Approximately 3 British HQ Corps, 6 Airfields, 10 A/A Emplacements, 2 Pillboxes & 2 Artillery Pieces, as well as 2 Paratrooper HQ’s & about 10 Ammo Depots, as well as 1/2 a Dozen Bundles of Economic Aid.

    I also managed to obliterate 3 Armies of Troops & Armor with 3 Kamikaze Strikes.

    However, after going through about 4 Mixtures of Armored & Infantry Armies of My Own, the inevitable happened. The British Forces or rather The Computer got tired of my presence & produced about 200 Tanks & other Armored Vehicles as well as about 100 of their own troops & wiped Me & my entire force off the map down to the very last Soldier.

    Tomorrow is a new day & we will see how it plays out.

    I’m curious though, is there a way to obtain more than 20 Regiments?**

  • TripleA '12

    Nope, 20 regiments is your maximum. But you can mix 'em up however you please.

    A word of advice: whenever you destroy the enemy’s Core HQ he will have the ability to recruit/deploy a new one almost immediately. Be ready for that and have your Bomber squadrons standing by.

    Now get in there and knock the British out of Burma!  🙂

  • Yeah, I know when the enemy builds a new HQ, because it appears on the Map as a Bold Square just as a New Airfield appears as the shape of a Plane.

  • TripleA '12

    Good, just be aware that as you are detroying the last of his base buidlings (and his Core HQ is already gone) there’s always a good chance that he’s started a new base somewhere else on the map. I’ve seen it many times when you thought your foe was vanquished only to find him building up again in some remote corner of the map. Scout about and find him!

  • **grumble, mumble, snickle, frick……3 Hours & 48 Minutes into the Game & WINNING, The British Armor came after me & within 7 Minutes they Defeated Me.

    I had Destroyed at least 8 British Airfields, Untold Infantry, Armor & Airborne HQ’s & at least 6 Corp HQ’s as well as numerous Depots of all shapes & sizes. I even Destroyed Stocks of British Economic Aid, but it didn’t matter.

    My Banzai Warriors Kicked Butt for a while though, but not even My Forces could stand up to Flamethrowing Tanks.

    The Next Battle will be The Last.**

  • Well, I’m not entirely sure how I did it, but at 1:35 AM this morning, I Conquered India & now my Joint German & Japanese Forces are Marching on Moscow.

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