Cd-rom game problems

  • I have the 1998 cd-rom version of A&A and used to love playing. I wanted to play again and am now having a technical issue. I have the same computer I used when I first played and never had any problems. Now any time the turn goes to combat phase and tries to bring up the battle board the program shuts down and quits running. Perhaps new programs that I have installed could be interferring with the game. I am clueless. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate a shout.

  • Am having similar problem and need same help.
    My A&A Windows 95/98 CD used to work fine for years on WindowsXP but no longer.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  • My son loves A and A and although it reinstalls properly it won’t load after install.  i keep getting NO adapters available.
    I have made sure I have proper drivers; and Active X when loading says it is OK.  Help!!

    Can’t get anything from Atari or Hasboro.

  • Use TripleA instead, it has all the versions working fine except AA42, it’s not yet implemented.

  • '10

    Check my thread on the Software forum…

    Have I made it too hard to find?

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