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Who will be the Iron Man of Axis & Allies?

  • Who will be the best “overall” strategist in an unusual cross-tournament: Axis & Allies, Axis & Allies: Europe and Axis & Allies: Pacific.

    This unusual Axis & Allies/Europe/Pacific cross-tournament will have 3 rounds: The first round will be a round of “normal” Axis & Allies. The second round will be a round of Axis & Allies: Europe and the final round will be a round of Axis & Allies: Pacific.

    The winner of this tournament will be the Iron Men of Axis & Allies!
    The minimum number of players is 8. Dependent on the number of players the round of Axis & Allies is played in groups or k.o.-system. The following 2 rounds are played in k.o.-system.

    The free tournament will start on September 7th, 2003. You can enter the tournament on the tournament page.

    A&A Battle Cards and other prices will be rewarded for the toughest in a world-wide competition throughout all common A&A disciplines!

    Please note that you have to register (for free) to access the tournament invitation.

    Attis World of Axis & Allies

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