Question about artillery supporting infantry??

  • In the rule book it states that if you can support your infantry with artillery which would give the infantry an attack number of two. I am not really sure how that works. Does one artillery unit support all infantry? if I had 1 artillery and 10 infantry would all 10 have an attack# of 2 or do I need on artillery for eeach infantry. Also I assume I would then move the infantry to the #2 on the battle strip correct??

    Lastly,  what are all the letters I keep seeing. Example from a post title (If R1 buys a plane, what do you do G1?) What does that mean?

    Thanks you guys have been a great help so far!!

  • One Artillery supports one infantry
    Two artillery support two infantry etc.

    Yes, you can then move the supported infantry to #2 on the battle strip

    R1 = Russias first turn (R2 = 2nd turn etc.)
    G1 = Germany first turn

    Hope that helps!

  • If you have 10 infantry and 1 artillery attacking, you have nine rolls of 1, and two rolls of 2.

    The 1 rolls are unsupported infantry.
    The two 2 rolls belong to an artillery, and a supported infantry, respectively.

    If you have 10 infantry and 2 artillery attacking, you have eight rolls of 1 and four rolls of 2.

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