• First does anyone know where I could find some scenarios for axis and allies? I’m pretty bored with the original and haven’t been that drawn in by europe or pacific. Second, have you actually played them? Are the fun, etc.? Cuz isn’t it a hastle to keep track of all the ipc value changes for the many countries?

  • If you check the links on this site, You may find some neat senarios. As for A&AE and A&AP
    you should try them there quite different then the original. Both games are tight and it offers a wide range of options for the Axis. If you dont like the above you could also try the Xeno Expansion World at War. It starts the game right from 1939. Im not sure if i know what you mean by all those countries, The new games have 4 countries each, where as the original has 5.

  • http://www.wargamer.com/axisandallies

    thrasher has way too many new scenarios to be healthy.

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