Original A&A board map unit placement…

  • Hello there,
    I started playing A&A last weekend (3 games total :oops: ) and really like the game, yesterday I organized A&A Iron Blitz for PC… Although I only played those 3 games I’m quite sure that Iron Blitz unit placement is not equal to the board game placement. So I wanted to change this with the editor.
    Question 1: Am I correct with my observation ? 🙂
    Question 2: does any1 have a link to the original board placement ?
    Question 3: can I prevent the CPU from purchasing marines and destroyers?

    btw. what is the special benefit of destroyers ?

    thats all for now 😉


  • destroyers = cheap firepower that can take out planes and protect trns.

    1. It depends on which “scenario” you’re playing. For classic it’s the same
      2 and 3 i don’t know.

  • thanks for the information. Considering that the normal game without scenario equals to the board game placement, Q2 is no longer necessary 🙂
    Same goes for Q3 coz the AI is just too stupid to do more than developing round 1 strategies.

    btw the scenarios are kind of lame. ie Germany in the “historical” 1939 scenario has less troops and less ipc than GB which does not reflect reality. On the other hand Russia in the cold war scenario has way too many troops and IPC…

    i think ill better stick to the board game and play with my friends, much better than playing a tcp/ip game even without in-game chat support (at least i didnt find it…).


  • "a tcp/ip game even without in-game chat support (at least i didnt find it…). "

    same here, is an in-game-chat implemented ??? ive actually tried all keys on my keyboard but didnt get a chat window 😞

  • press “c” to chat. press ESC to close chat window

  • god looks like either my “c” key is broken or im too stupid to hit all keys. and c even sounds quite logical… :-?

    thanks for the information. the chat sucks anyway coz of the linefeed after x characters. 3 lines of chat are also not too good…

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