• This is a fast paced rule set that requires no off board maps and has no separate ipc or purchase piles.

    Important - Use all normal AAP rules unless specifically noted


    Japan and Russia are not at war, similarly Germany and China are not at war, these powers troops may not enter spaces originally owned by the other. Also, Germany/Us and Japan/Us-Uk may not attack each other or enter the others spaces (including convoys) until turn 2. No sneak attack rules are used on turn 1 or 2.

    Turn Order 1-Axis 2-Allies

    Roll combat battles as if on separate turns for joint assaults (The Us bombs during the day and the Uk at night). Attacker chooses the order of battles. Finish all combat on a single space before going to the next. Forces must attack for a single round before retreating and must move in even if another power is already victorious.
    On the 1st turn, the Us is inactive (except for China), the Uk is inactive on the pacific board.

    Victory Conditions

    Allies- Capture an Axis capital, the instant Germany or Japan is in Allied hands the game is over.

    Axis- End any turn with the winning bid of VP’s or start any turn with up to 2 less than the winning bid of VP’s.

    VP’s are not accumulated. At any point the axis VP’s are the sum of all ipcs in limited/captured IC’s and 1 for every 7 net control markers (Axis minus Allied, ignore remainders). Example- If at the end of turn 2 the Axis has France (3VP), Philippines (3VP) and has 19 Axis minus 2 Allied control markers (2VP) then they have 8VP’s.
    Highest bidder(s) play Axis. The goal was for 22 to be an average bid but is probably a few points too high, it depends on the agreed optional rules.
    Bids should not be lower than 16 or higher than 24. Roll dice to resolve ties.


    Starting income: Germany- 40 Japan- 19 UK- 33 Us/Russia- 0. Russia collects at the start of the 1st Allied turn. Us/Uk first collect at the start of the 2nd Allied turn. All powers collect at the end of the Axis turn (start of the Allied turn). Allies can be put into negative ipcs, keep track. Example- Loss of the Burma Road could start the Us at a 12 ipc deficit.
    Uk collects for the ME.
    All convoys (Us/Uk/Russian on both boards) subtract from the Us income as well as Uk/Russia.

    Board Links

    Us East connects Us West and East Canada connects West Canada. Iran, Tsinghai and India connect to Afghanistan (Use Saudi Arabia space to represent Afghanistan). Aircraft may use 3 movement to go from Siberia/Turkestan/Caucasus to Tsinghai. Red sea (Arabian sea/Persian gulf) connects cz 54. Red sea is adjacent to Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Trans-Jordan. You must control Egypt to move through the Suez canal. On non-combat move Allies may use 2 movement to go from cz 5 to Usec or from cz 3 or 4 to Cen Atl.

    Basic Ruleset >

    All IC’s production of ground troops is limited to the value of the territory (or 7 max). Exception- Germany has no armor restrictions.
    The Allies continue to collect and produce as long as they have a single IC. There is no capturing of ipc’s from enemy capitals.
    Capital ships may liberate and disrupt convoys, subs and ftrs may disrupt convoys.
    Sikang and Szechwan get 1 free inf per turn on place units phase, the Us must pay for these if the Burma road is not open at the start of the Allied turn.
    Once either the Soviet or Alaskan convoy is open Us/Uk may purchase a single Russian aircraft per turn.

    The Uk may spend up to 12 ipcs per turn for ground troops that may be placed on either India or New South Wales. (Basic rules only)

    Set-Up Changes in Europe

    Remove the inf from Vyborg. Move the Moscow ftr to Karelia and the bomer to Ukraine. Replace a trn with a sub in both the Danish and the Celtic sea. Add a British sub to the Red sea. Add 1 IC to Siberia. Add 1 IC, 1 AA and 1 inf to France and Egypt. Add 1 arm to Finland, 1 rtl to Norway.

    Pacific Set-Up


    Japan - 5inf, 1rtl, 1arm, 1IC, 1AA
    Korea - 4inf, 1rtl
    Manchuria - 3inf, 1ftr
    Shantung - 3inf
    Ryuku Is. - 1inf
    Formosa - 2inf, 1rtl, 1ftr
    Marianna Is. - 1inf
    Palau Is. - 1inf
    Caroline Is. - 1inf, 1ftr
    French Indochina - 1arm, 1ftr, 1bmr
    Marshall Is. 1inf
    Hainan - 1inf
    Bonin Is. - 1inf
    SZ23 - 1sub, 1ac, 2ftr
    SZ36 - 1dstr, 1bshp, 2trns, 1sub, 1ac, 2ftr
    SZ37 - 1dstr, 1trns
    SZ45 - 1dstr, 1bshp, 2trns

    United Kingdom

    India - 3inf, 1rtl, 1ftr, 1IC, 1AA
    Borneo - 1inf
    Burma - 1inf
    Hong Kong - 1inf
    Malaya - 1inf, 1rtl, 1ftr
    Queensland - 1inf, 1rtl, 1ftr
    New South Wales - 1inf, 1IC, 1AA
    West Australia - 1inf
    North Territory - 1inf
    New Zealand - 1inf
    Papau - 1inf
    Celebes - 1inf
    Java - 2inf
    Sumatra - 1inf
    SZ29 - 1dstr, 1trns
    SZ33 - 1sub
    SZ43 - 1trns
    SZ46 - 1dstr, 1trns
    SZ50 - 1ac, 1dstr


    Szechwan - 1inf, 1IC, 1AA
    Sikang - 1inf, 1IC
    Suiyuan - 1inf
    Kwangsi - 1inf
    Yunnan - 1inf
    Anhwe - 2inf
    Hunan - 1inf
    Kiangsi - 1inf
    Hopei - 1inf


    Us West - Marine, 1inf, 1ftr, 1bmr, 1IC, 1AA
    Hawaii - 1inf, 1ftr, 1IC
    Wake - Marine
    Midway - 1inf
    Samoa - 1inf
    Philippines - 1inf, 1ftr, 1IC(disabled)
    Szechwan - 1ftr
    SZ5 - 1ac, 2dstr, 1trns, 1sub
    SZ9 - 1bshp, 1dstr
    SZ38 - 1sub
    SZ11 - 1trns

    Advanced Ruleset > (Includes basic rules)

    Initial Placement

    The Allied IP is half the bid rounded down. The German IP is half the bid rounded up plus 3. If the bid is even, give Japan 2 bonus ipc’s. Germany places 1st, Allies place last. Players may place land/air units or upgrade naval units (make up the difference in cost to upgrade). Land/air units may not be upgraded, navy may not be placed. No ipcs may be saved.

    Optional- Allies may IP forces on the Pacific board.


    Once both the Soviet and Alaskan convoys are open the Us/Uk may gift Allied holdings in the ME plus the Soviet and Alaskan convoys to Russia (up to 17 ipcs). These ipcs must be spent on inf or aircraft. Aleutian Islands must be in Allied hands for the Alaskan convoy to be open.

    Optional- Siberia gets 1 free inf per turn, the Axis gets an extra VP if captured.


    You must place units on all enabled IC’s during place units phase (assuming enough units were purchased).
    At the loss of an enabled IC the losing power must forfeit to the bank 4 times the value of the territory in ipcs. Upon liberating an originally owned IC you may choose it to be disabled. If you enable it you will again be liable for 4 times its value.
    Siberia may only produce inf but may produce unlimited inf.
    India may produce up to 14 ipcs in ground troops per turn. (Allied holdings in India, Burma and the ME on placement).
    New South Wales may produce up to 19 ipcs in ground troops per turn. (Allied holdings in the ME, Australia and New Zealand on placement).

    Limited/Captured IC’s

    Limited/Captured IC’s may be enabled/disabled on place units phase if there is no placement.
    France, Egypt, and the Philippines count as limited IC’s.
    Regardless of ownership the total ipcs in units that may be placed on Egypt can be up to the Axis/Allied holdings in ME and North Africa on placement.
    Limited/Captured IC’s may be strap bombed for the value of the territory, if more is sustained the IC is disabled.

    Naval Combat

    Rtl unloaded from transports attack at a 1 but may still augment inf to attack at a 2.
    Troops may unload from allied transports on non-combat move only.
    On the Europe board for amphibious assaults Marines-
    a. must be paired with an inf or rtl to attack at a 2
    b. must be paired with an armor to attack at a 3
    Axis destroyers may transport a single inf. Allied destroyers shore bombard at a 3.
    All bshp’s may transport a single inf and they may always support an amphibious assault with an off shore bombardment. Destroyer’s and bshp’s carrying inf must unload the same turn that they loaded, if as a result of retreating from a naval engagement they cannot, they must move to unload the following turn. Bshp’s have 2 hits per turn not per battle.
    Japan starts with no kamikazes but may purchase them for 4 ipcs each and may have at any point in time up to 6. Kamikazes may be used the same turn they are purchased.

    Optional- No sub on sub combat without surface ships present. Subs may not block other subs in open cz’s.

    Land Combat

    Tanks may not blitz through the following territories on combat move Iran, Afghanistan, Tsinghai and all spaces adjacent to Stalingrad.
    Powers may cede control of territories if an allies land troops are present.

    Optional- German inf may move 2 spaces during non-combat movement between starting IC’s. (Frn-Nit-Ger)
    Optional- On the Europe board, during combat movement, bombers may move 4 spaces to paratroop a single inf.


    The Allies may subtract from Axis VP’s by conducting SBR’s. For every 10 ipcs inflicted on the Axis capitals (Germany/Japan) the Axis has 1 VP less for that round only. This means that if the Axis is 1 or 2 points lower than their target VP and will win by holding untill the start of their turn the Allies may thwart that victory by SBR’s. Damage done by SBR is not cumulative. So if the Uk does 7 ipcs and the Us does 13 ipcs then the Axis is down only 1 VP.

    Optional- German ftrs defend normally at a 5 and at a 3 for SBR’s.
    Optional- Surviving ftrs add/subtract 1 ipc from bombing raids.

    Optional Pacific Campaign >

    Chinese Civil War

    There are 2 separate Chinese forces. Use original Axis & Allies Japanese pieces for communist forces. Add 1 communist inf to Kweichow, Suiyuan and Shansi.
    Communists inf can merge, similiar to a sub submerge, after 1 round of attacking or instead of defending. Tip them on there side, they will resurface after placement at the end of the turn.
    Communists forces get 1 inf per turn for every 2 spaces (round up, 3 max) with only communists inf. Checked at the start of the Allied turn and added at the end to any existing (un-submerged) communist forces. They may only move onto original Chinese/Japanese territories. They have no affect on Axis/Allied control markers.
    National forces get no bonus inf nor can Japan collect ipcs from territories with Communist inf.
    National and Communists forces may attack the same spaces and defend the same spaces. At the start of the Allied turn every space with both forces suffers civil strife. The Allied player chooses which side loses 1 inf. Us aircraft may not attack with only communist inf. National IC’s may not produce inf in the presence of communists inf.
    The Axis gets a extra VP for both Szechwan and Sikang if all Communists inf have been defeated.

    Pacific Fleet Reinforcement

    Uk may purchase and place units on cz 50 and the Us may purchase and place units on cz 11 at the beggining of turn 2.
    Us/Uk may spend up to 27 ipcs each doing this, these ipcs are subtracted from Us/Uk income collected at the beggining of turn 2.

    Thank You.

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