Help: difference between the 2001 & 2007 Print editions of Pacific?

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    I love A&A Pacific. I bought it practially the day it hit the shelfs nearly a decade ago. I’ve played it so much that its more than worn out on me and i want to get a new copy.  I realize that the game is out of print now, but unopened copys are still around at some stores. Does anyone know the difference between the 1st print edition and later print editions. For example the 1st print had a box that said it contained 445 pieces, but came with 335. The new box has a different logo in the corner and says it contains 330 pieces. This means some changes have been made between prints. perhapse they fixed the rulebook and setup card typo?

    If any of you guys know of any differences i would greatly appreciate it. As i need to decide fairly soon weather or not to buy a new unopended copy of a later print or a used 1st edition print.


    P.S. I realize that the new AAP40 will be out soon, but as a diehard A&A fan i have a complusive need to keep a crisp copy of each A&A title in good condition. Some of you will understand, others wont.

  • First major difference is that Japanese units are red in the first print, they are the regular yellowish color in 2nd print.

    The Chinese units are also different color.

    I have both editions so will need to go through the box to figure out the rest of the differences.

    What I do is look on ebay and look for opened AAP with red units.

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    So is the 1st print superior as far as production quality is concerned or is it simply a preference of which color you like best; red or orange?  Also does the 2nd print replace the tanks with skinny tanks like revised edition did?

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    Also i heard that the japanese setup cards are different due to the sucess of Kill India First. Is this so?


  • Bob,

    Check this one out.

    As far as I remember the two setup cards were the same.

    As for units, I prefer the original red units.  Just a personal preference.

    I’ll check on the units being different but I don’t remember off hand so again I’ll need to check on it.

  • The units are the same but the colors of each country is different (except US).

    Hope this helps.

  • not so much on topic, but just have to say that I so much prefer the red Jap units to the earlier yellow or even the orange ones that newer games have had.  Back when they still sold replacement sets I ordered 2 sets of extra for AAP and have used them ever since.

  • I also prefer the red Japanese pieces over any of the other color variations released over the years.

  • I don’t like red units for japs, they seem like soviet units to me with that color. Not a big issue in AAPacific, but I really hope they include orange pieces in AA40 or we are going to have a very confusing board (and more if they stick to brown italian units, augh!)

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