Can someone explain why you would build a danish transport?

  • We did that in the first 2-3 games but I find that in the next 30-40 games it just doesn’t make sense. Sure you can transport to the baltic on the first trun, but, Russia uses bid and builds inf in lenningrad to counteract. If it is not taken, england flies its planes over to lenningrad and kills the transports on the way. Thus you just wasted your money

  • I think if you’re intend on winning, you shouldn’t do it. But, if your just trying to have some fun than it’s not that bad. Even if Russia does place 4 units there Germany still has a fare change of winning.

  • How about taking the planes down with building fleet? you could make with your starting ipc, 2 destroyers to defend your 2 transports and use them in danish strait to transport to norway troops which march from there to finland. Which will worry soviet player because a new attacking force would form from the north.

    In our games it’s a good tactic if the allies don’t destroy the german fleet immediately with their planes. And if they do that the planes which would have gone to russia will be lost in the fight with the fleet, 2 dst and 2 trns can inflict a lot of damage to planes…

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