Custom Made Axis and Allies Board Game Maps!!!

  • Hello all,

    Check out my site for varients of different Axis and Allies maps for the same game.

    Rune Blade

  • Hello all,

    I have finished the revision of the Vietnam Conflict - 1969. It’s now available for play. Enjoy!

    Rune Blade

  • Hello All,

    The Balkans - 1999 Revision has been completed.

    1.) New railroad system.
    2.) Cities act as Industrial Complexes.
    3.) New and Updated National Advantages.
    4.) New IPC values for all nations.

    Also, my next project is Operation Sea Lion - 1940. This game will play like Axis & Allies: D-Day with a few added details that will hopefully add more fun to the game dinamics. It should be completed in November as I have pretty much have the whole map drawn. Enjoy!

    Rune Blade

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