• I was wondering, would a German first turn buy of an Industrial Complex in Western Europe be a possible purchase. If you buy one there you can build infantry there for defense. You can also build ships in the Western Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay (western Spain), As well as in the UK sea zone. The only downside I see is possible SBRs, but the IPCs from Africa can probably make up for it):).
    Tell me what you guys think about it, I have only tried it once and it worked okay. Also I am wondering what the Japs can do to go along, (maybe rush russia).

  • I find that an IC in WE is usually a disadvantage. This is because when the allies invade it, you HAVE to attack it or risk 6 inf being built there. If you want a good IC though, try Egypt.

  • Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that, (or encountered it yet either). If you did buy one it would be neccesary to sink the american transport on turn one and back it up with infantry on turn two or three. The Japanese would have to go atlantic too, (hey that part might be a good idea…) It would definitely need to have more included in the strategy, such as a threat of invading the USA or a blitzkreig on Britain. The only problem I can see is that it would be three less tanks putting pressure on Russia, so the Japs would have to do that too…
    It would definitely not be a good first turn purchase unless Britain was given trouble, because otherwise the USA could strat bomb WE first turn and land in Britain. However, this would be beneficial if Britain was invaded (not first) second or third turn with an additional kill of an american bomber.
    Let me know what you think, please

  • I’ve only seen a WE IC being used once successfully, but heres how it went.

    Germany quickly conquers Africa (no casualties in G1 Egypt battle) and there is only 1 British inf on B1. Japan then used it’s transports on J2 to invade india, bringing them to Anglo-Egypt after a British counter invasion on B2 (From Syria) They then built an IC there, and in conjunction with a WE IC won the navel battle in the Atlantic, and were both free to Womp Russia by turn 10.

  • Thats an interesting place for Japan to send its fleets, what did the USA attempt to do?
    By the way, how did Germany and Japan spend their money?

  • Germany I believe bought 9 inf 1 armor on G1 and G2 then went and bought a few transports for reinforcing Africa. Then Japan took india, by Amphibious assault, with everything left over from the pearl harbor attack. Japan bought Infantry and Transports and 1 fighter. After that I don’t remember.

  • Thats a large inf/tank ratio. How do you feel about axis tech rolls?

  • Tech rolls are a gamble, but like any gamble you can turn out really big. Germany never really has the time or cash to go Tech, but Japan is another matter. I’ve seen games won simple because Japan got Heavy Bombers or Ind Tech.

    About the tank/inf ratio, let me give you a little math.

    If you buy 3 tanks (15) you get 1.5 hits first round.
    If you buy 6 inf, you get 1 hit first round.

    But the difference is that with the 6 inf you can take twice the hits, thereby getting more hits in the long run. On defense Inf are even better obviously.

    The 9 inf 1 tank if basically 4 inf for Africa, 5 for East Europe, and 1 tank for some extra offense.

  • sorry I took so long, have’t been around here much.
    Aout the inf/tank ratio, I changed my mind, (Infantry rock!) I recently took out germany using russia. I strted out with one fighter, two tanks, and 59 infantry.

  • There is no need. Germany can very easily move troops into this territory already. Germany does not lose because of its inability to get infantry into EE. He can buy troops and move them in there relatively quickly as it is.

  • The reason I had originally considered this was the possible ship building areas. (UK sea zone, Bay of Biscay, west medditterrannean (I know its spelled wrong!))
    The biggest problem is the threat of american invasion

  • On 2001-12-07 13:28, Usul513 wrote:
    The reason I had originally considered this was the possible ship building areas. (UK sea zone, Bay of Biscay, west medditterrannean (I know its spelled wrong!))
    The biggest problem is the threat of american invasion

    If you are worried about an American invasion, you should be preparing to fight the Americans on land not in the sea. The Americans have the disadvantage of having to build a navy to transport its troops into Europe. Germany does not have this problem -it can simply build fighters, tanks, and infantry and wait for the Americans to come to them. I generally fly all my fighters into Western Europe and build a force of infantry to defend them. The fighters can be used to defend the sea space, attack the UK sea space, defend Western Europe, and flown into every combat against Russia (then return to defend Western).

    I don’t see a navy as a great defense against the Americans. Having to build a navy in order to cross the ocean to do anything useful is the American’s problem. Don’t make it Germany’s.

  • I agree, best defense against invasion? Fighters. Why? They not only are a good way of attacking fleets, but they add a great boost to a defending force.

  • Now that you put it that way…,
    good point.

  • In regards to Germany placing an Industial Complex in WE. I could only see such a move if there was a way for Germany to build a navy and launch it directly into the Altantic. But it’s slow to start, and you have too much enemy airpower to be picking off your navy. Also a lot would also depend on how aggressive Russia is playing. Spending 15 IPCs to build such a factory would put you behind in the arms race against the Soviets.
    As for defense, Germany should always have enough infantry from Germany or SE to place in WE w/o such an IPC.
    I can see this working for a German navy if:
    1. America turn its’ war machine against Japan
    2. Allies didn’t have thier airforce immediatly present to attack navel units
    3. No real allied navy to pose a threat.
    It would be real risky, but if it could be pulled off, Germany would have a real advantage in disrupting U.S and British offense against the Germans

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