German abandonment of Africa ambitions

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    I am wondering under what circumstances it is wise for Germany to forget the African continent and focus entirely on Europe and USSR?

  • I will continue by saying that at worse case scenario for the German African campaign would be UK duel IC’s in India and South Africa. If the UK is invested in South Africa for 15 IPC, you as Germany can make that investment a poor one if you cede Africa to the allies. How many IPCs can you expect to take and at what unit cost before the allies kick you out? If you have already purchased an additional Med transport, it could be repurposed for amphibious assaults or transporting units to the eastern front via the Black Sea.

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    I’m not very good at Classic, but I’ll throw my two cents in.

    Typically, I commit 1-2 rounds of shucking INF from South Europe -> Africa to try to rack up some IPCs. After the first two rounds or so you’re going to need 100% of your IPCs to commit to the stack war in Eastern Europe Vs. USSR/UK.

    If UK wastes their money on a South Africa/India IC I’d punish them by committing the Germans to a Egypt -> Syria -> Persia -> India trajectory, while also sending as much of Japan’s navy as possible towards India to take the free factory. If Japan/Germany can break a hypothetical India Factory early on, it can give Japan some real momentum in gobbling up IPCs in Africa + putting pressure on Russia.

    Remember: In Classic, Germany has to play defensively, as they stand no chance of breaking Karelia unless your opponent is really weak. Japan has to be the main breadwinner for the Axis, abusing the weak starting setup for the Allies in Asia and the typical hyper-KGF Allied strategy to try to either take Moscow or win an “economic victory” before the Allies manage to break Germany.

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