• I (japan) attack Java with 2 loaded transports, a carrier, a BB and a Cruiser.  The allies have a transport only in that sea zone.  Can I destroy the transport with one of the planes from my carrier while my BB and Crusier perform shore bombardment before my transports attack.

    I assume if the allies had a sub instead of the transport I could either ignore the sub and bombard with my BB or all the ships would have to be involved in taking out the lone sub.  Not quite sure with the above scenario though

  • Seeing as how the planes and ships would move during combat move, I’m pretty sure that any attack on said SZ would cause all sea units to attack as well and prevent bombardment.

  • I thought w/transports you had the option of ignoring them, so you’d have to not have the planes attack if you wanted to have your BB shore bombard.

  • This is in the sidebar on page 17

    Destroying defenseless transports, instead of ignoring them, counts as a sea battle and prevents bombardment.

  • right, so he can destroy the xport, or bombard, but not both.

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