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  • I have the game, but not the germany reference chart –- can anyone help? I tried a link found in a previous thread (at wargamers.com), but it no longer works. Can anyone help??

  • Owch, thats a tough one. Sorry can’t help you there 😢

  • I might be able to scan it

  • ok here it is (i’ve memorized it… seriously)
    germany: 4 infatry 2 tanks 2 artillery 1 IC 1 AA 2 fighters 1 bomber
    france: 4 infantry 2 tanks 1 fighter 1 artillery
    eastern france : 4 infantry
    holland: 3 infantry 2 tanks
    poland: 6 men 1 artillery 2 tanks 1 fighter
    norway:4 men 1 fighter
    finland:3 men
    checoslovakia: 1 man 1 artleery
    austria: 1 man 1 artillery
    denmark:1 man
    northern italy: 2 men 2 tanks 1 artillery 1 AA 1 IC i figher
    southern italy:2 men
    hungary: 3 men 1 artillery 1 tank
    yugoslavia:2 men
    greece: 2men 1 artillery
    bulgaria:2 men
    crete:1 man
    rumania: 3 men 1 tank
    tunisia:1 man 1 artillery 1 tank
    morrocoo:1 man
    danish sea:2 subs 1 transport
    barents sea :1 sub
    denmark striaght: 1 sub
    bay of biscay:2 subs
    south atlantci:1 sub
    azores sea ;1 SUB
    halifax sea:1 sub
    midatlantic:1 sub
    tyrennian sea :1 Battleship 1 destoyer 1 transport

    there you go (srry for not reponding sooner) hope you fun in your gaming experience!

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