Favourite version of the game?

  • Hi,

    Im thinking of buying an axis and allies game, but im not sure which one I want to get. Im leaning towards the original.

    Whats is your favourite version: the original, europe, or pacific?


  • To start out, i would pick the Axis and Allies. If you like the European theater or the Pacific better than the whole wolrd than pick your fav theater.

  • I’ve played all of them and they all rule. But I like the Original better simply because it’s a 2 on 3 as opposed to the one vs all as the others. The theater versions focus greatly on one aspect or the other, but the world does both.

    I also just wanna say for the record that the naval battle in the original is usally quite good despite the feelings of most. The pacific battles are long and interesting, especially if the UK goes island hopping. Island hopping (IC in Australia) helps! It can cut Japan’s income down by about 8 and causes Japan to use resourses on the naval battle, taking away from their land push. I think it helps and makes the Pacific interesting.

  • to start out you should get the origanal, then get A&AE or A&AP

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