Axis and Allied naval and tank question…

  • I posted this in the axis and allied forum but id figure id post here too…

    Ok, basically, can transports unload troops for an assault on the same turn that you destroyed the navy around that island?

    In my first game (still under way…) my friend as the US dropped a AA gun on midway and also dropped some planes there as well (why, no reason…just cause he didnt see a threat…)

    Then Japan decided to strike the massive navy he had around midway then drop some infantry in midway with fighter support to take out the bombers stationed there.

    Is this a legal move?

    Shouldnt the battle around midway have to take place one turn before the invasion of the island?

    If not, then how come I cant take a landlocked territory and then blitz through with some tanks and air support to hit the next?

    My friend (the only one who has played the game before…) says that you CAN take the sea territory then rush assault the island in the same turn, but that you cant take a land territory, blitz through with tanks and take an adjecent territory.

    These two acts are exactly the same, just involving different units. In one your waging a battle, bringing in transports and dropping off troops. In the other your waging a battle, bringing in tanks and attacking with them.

    My friend argues that its because all of this is done at once and that the transport unloads during the combat. However, couldnt it be said that the tanks had already planned on rushing through the battle to blitz the next territory? If transports are allowed to drop off troops and attack an island after the naval battle, why arent tanks granted the same privalege on land?

    Tanks could be used the same way, make them vaulnerable during the initial fight, but not able to fight back. It doesnt seem fair that its one way but not the other. And it especially doesnt seem fair that my friend didnt tell us about this rule before it came back and bit us in the ass.

    We stopped the game before this act to find out which way was right. Because if the transports are allowed to drop off its forces then the allies basically lost because 3 bombers and a fighter will be destroyed. However, I could have destroyed a similar force with my tanks but was told I could not because they couldnt go through a conquered territory until next turn.

    Just doesnt seem fair…

    whats the official rules? we couldnt find anything about transports unloading after the coastal territory was won.

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